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Image: Saskia Brüske

In case the band name Imagine Dragons rings a bell – which I’m sure it does – you might know they are currently touring Europe. They played in Nottingham last Friday as part of their two-week stay in the UK.

Their second album, Smoke and Mirrors, is much darker than the first one (Night Visions), with lyrics that are so real and honest it just gets you. Thanks to the almost man-size drums the band used on stage, and the incredible drum and guitar solos, not to mention the amazing voice of Dan Reynolds, the sound was simply mind-blowing.

They started off their powerful show with what is also the first song on the album: ‘Shots’. The crowd was cheering and as soon as they played ‘It’s time’ (Night Visions), that was when probably everyone in the arena was singing along. Having been to one of their concerts of the Night Visions tour, I anticipated the band to do at least one cover version of a widely-known song as they did last year. They did, and they did it well. Really well, in fact – Imagine Dragons played their own version of Alphaville’s ‘Forever Young’ which ensured goosebumps all the way.

Image: Saskia Brüske

Image: Saskia Brüske

For many of their first album songs, Imagine Dragons had something special planned: they created a remix, mashing up some of their biggest hits, which was absolutely fantastic.

One very special song (with a rather long and serious explanation by the band’s frontman) was ‘I was me’. The band put out this song in early October to have all the proceeds go towards the refugee crisis. Dan Reynolds said the band want to keep raising awareness, telling as much people as possible – for which a sold out arena of 10,000 people isn’t too bad. The song can be downloaded on iTunes and is really an incredible work of art.

The concert ended very spectacularly with probably their greatest hit until now, ‘Radioactive’. Imagine Dragons are certainly one of the bands that know how to play a live concert!

If you fancy some more alternative rock that has a kind of similar, but softer vibe to it, go give the Sunset Sons a listen. They were playing as opening act and I’m sure they have a great career ahead of them (one of my favourite songs played by them was ‘She wants’).

Image: Saskia Brüske

Image: Saskia Brüske

If you want to support Imagine Dragons with this really good cause, download ‘I was me’ at Did you go to the concert? Let us know what you thought on Twitter @TridentMediaUK.

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