Cage the Elephant: ‘Tell me I’m Pretty’

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[Danielle Smith | Contributing Writer]

Cage the Elephant are slowly creeping up the rock charts with their new album Tell me I’m Pretty released on 18th December 2015. Some may have released a sigh of relief when Cage the Elephant finally produced an album, as it has been two years since their previous release of the Melophobia. The American Rock band of 10 years are gradually becoming more well known, not by having top hits, but by having higher places within festivals during the summer, and making their music more relatable. A few of their previous albums consisted of alternative rock and jazz, whilst this album was more of an eclectic approach in the style of the new found pop-punk. This genre is becoming profoundly more and more popular with the help of the likes of Arctic Monkeys, The Wombats and Jack White.


The vocalist, Matt Shultz, said that they wanted to: “be more transparent, and have more flexibility with each song,” in their new album. The now downloadable album, is set to bring huge emotional reactions to new and previous fans of this American rock band. Some of the songs are reminiscent of The Black Keys, but all in all, the album features a wide variety of song each as diverse as the other, none actually representing the album itself.

The album in full:

1.”Cry Baby”

2.”Mess Around”

3.”Sweetie Little Jean”

4.”Too Late to Say Goodbye”

5.”Cold Cold Cold”


7.”How Are You True”

8.”That’s Right”

9.”Punchin’ Bag”

10.”Portuguese Knife Fight”

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