Business School Holds Their Annual Awards Ceremony for 2016

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The University’s Business School held their annual Dean’s Awards on Tuesday 11 October, where their students were awarded for all their hard work in the past year. Categories included Academic Achievement at levels four to seven, Academic Advancement and Embracing Adversity. The awards were hosted and overseen by school dean Damian Ward.  

The ceremony began with the Academic Achievement awards for levels four to seven; Nazan Coktas, Victoria Balsdon, Johnathan Tofts and Keshvinder Kaur Jasmal Singh won those awards for levels four, five, six and seven respectively. Then, it was time for the Future Promise Award, an award for up-and-coming business students with outstanding potential; this award went to a number of worthy winners who are sure to have a bright future ahead of them.

Angela Dines won the award for Transformation Through Work Experience; the Development of Teamwork Skills with Impact award went to James Parnell, who unfortunately couldn’t make it to De Havilland campus’ Auditorium on the night, and Sally Burton was awarded with the Academic Advancement award. Then, the award for Alumni Engagement with Impact went to Ashley Palmier, and considering he is the owner of the Bumblebee car from Transformers, it’s clear that he has done plenty of impactful engagement and therefore it won’t be surprising that he was given the award.

Ashley Palmier Credit: Hertfordshire SU

Ashley Palmier Credit: Hertfordshire SU

This was followed by the award for Charity and Community Work with Impact, which this year was bestowed upon Leslie Lumumba, who gave his acceptance speech all the way from New York!

Leslie Mumumba Credit: Hertfordshire SU

Leslie Mumumba Credit: Hertfordshire SU

Josh Abbott won the award for Transformation via Study Abroad, which added to the names who have established a reputation abroad; the Intellectual Curiosity Award was given to Colin Mattis, and the Engagement with Professional Communications award went to Aimee McMullan.

Two more awards associated with transformation of some form were next to be annouced, with Transformation via a Work Placement or Client Project and the Using Learning to Transform awards going to Theruja Marmavijayan and Harry Evans respectively, before Ella Key, Irfan Ishaw, Samiel Deville, Shone Pope, Siqhubekile Vuma, Joy Clyne and Kierran Jarrett all won the award for Embracing Diversity. The latter recipient of the award, Kierran, later gave a closing speech at the end of the ceremony which many described as courageous and inspirational.

Embracing Diversity Credit: Hertfordshire SU

Embracing Diversity Credit: Hertfordshire SU

The final award to be given out was the award for Leadership With Impact, which was announced by deputy vice-chancellor Professor Ian Campbell; this was awarded to Saracens and England rugby international Brad Barritt, and the president of Enactus Hertfordshire, Zeeshan Khan.

In the programme for this year’s Business School Dean’s Awards, school Dean Damian Ward gave a comment expressing his pleasure about overseeing the progress of his school’s students:

“Congratulations to those students who have taken up the challenge of truly exploring the rich transformational education that the school offers.”

The school’s employability lead Dr Andrew Francis, also featured in the programme’s introduction, stating that he was “proud of what our students achieve”, and referring to the school’s Dean’s Awards as a “great way to showcase this”.

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