Budget Break: Budapest

By Kira Evans.

When you think of Budapest you automatically think of historical castles, the River Danube and 19thcentury architecture. But if you are looking for a cheap city getaway there is so much more to Budapest than initially meets the eye.

Budapest is Hungary’s capital city, situated slightly north of the centre of the country. Split by the river, Buda and Pest were two former cities that have now merged together to deliver a city full of life.

If you are a party animal then Budapest is the place for you. The streets are paved with bars and nightclubs. Whilst you are there it is a must to visit the ruin bars. Ruin Bars are essentially like nightclubs, composed of countless rooms, made from the remains of buildings that survived the bombings of World War 2. Each room varies in music, décor and theme. Whether you are searching for a boogie to some disco grooves, to find yourself in a trance to some techno tunes or you just want to bop along to some pop music then head to Instant Ruin Pub. If you are searching for a more chilled vibe, then get on down to Szimpla Kert Ruin Bar where you can sit back and unwind whilst sipping on their delicious cocktails.

Something that sounds a tad lame but induces laughter all round was the 3D Gallery. A new take on the traditional art gallery, 3D Gallery offers you the opportunity to become part of the art. Create unique works of art as you come up with your most creative and crazy poses to become part of the composition as your friends snap you along the way.

Just round the corner from the gallery, you will find Budapest’s cat café. A cat lover’s dream, the cat café is filled with friendly felines who are therapeutic and allow you to escape from the busy streets of Budapest. The menu is also cat themed and the homemade lemonade is to die for.

You cannot go to Budapest and not visit their thermal baths. With a selection of outdoor and indoor pools, all at different temperatures, there is a space to relax for everyone. You can unwind during the daytime basking in the sun or visit one of their weekend parties with supersonic sound systems.

If you are an Instagram addict, then you should make your way up to the top of the famous Buda Castle where you will get a panoramic view overlooking the whole city. Along with this, you will get a chance to see all the beautiful architecture of the castle and the best view in the city of the renowned Danube River.

Budapest is the perfect city break whether you are a novice or expert holidaymaker. If you are savvy when booking your flights and opt for an Air BnB rather than a swanky hotel, then you are assured of having an affordable trip abroad on a tight student budget.

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