Broxbourne woman becomes tenth member of family to graduate from UH

Graduating from the University of Hertfordshire is in the blood for Broxbourne’s Belinda Cuffaro who recently became the tenth member of her family to graduate from the University.

Belinda, 22, celebrated gaining a 2:1 degree in Accounting and Finance last month at St Albans Abbey and was accompanied by her parents Gill, 54, and Alf, 56, who fell in love and graduated from UH three decades ago.

Keeping graduation a family affair, Belinda now joins her mum and dad and fellow family members Vincenzo, Francesco, Nicola, Guiseppina, Maria, Franco and Peter Cuffaro as University of Hertfordshire alumni.

Since departing from the University, Belinda has now secured a job at a large London law firm just weeks after finishing her course, only adding to the University’s already high employability rate..

She said: “The placement that I did as part of my Accounting and Finance degree at UH gave me great experience and helped me get a great job in a large London law firm three weeks after I finished my course.”

Her mum, who is now a senior lecturer at the university, said: “The University of Hertfordshire is not only an inspirational place to study but is also a great place to work.

“It was the stepping stone for my career as a dietitian and now I am able to teach and support the UH dietetic graduates and dieticians of the future.”

Belinda celebrated her academic success with 4,000 other graduates and 10,000 guests at the awards services which took place over seven days.

Vice-Chancellor at the University Quintin McKellar said:

“It is amazing to see so many members of one family have passed through the university, gaining the education they need to succeed in life. This shows the University is at the heart of the community, and has played a vital role in the life of one Hertfordshire family. It is unusual for so many members of one family to graduate from a university, but if anymore Cuffaros want to study here they would be more than welcome!”


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