Bringing some Las Vegas style to The Forum Hertfordshire

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By far one of my favourite places in the whole world is Las Vegas, NV, United States of America. I have had the pleasure of going before on holiday and it was by far the best fun I have ever had in a week abroad. There is no place in the world where you can enjoy the sun of a desert, visit Paris and Venice, and then freefall from the top of a hotel 900 feet in the air.

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As a marketing and events student, the hospitality industry is one area that I have followed quite closely and as you could probably guess, Las Vegas blew me away. The sheer scale of everything is truly mind boggling. I had the pleasure of staying at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino during my holiday which is not only bang in the centre of Strip but is steep in history being one of the oldest hotels on the strip. Built in 1946, the Flamingo was closely linked the mob rule of Las Vegas in the 1940s. It becomes pretty hard to describe the sheer spectacle of the 4 mile road of hotels and casinos and the only easy way is through pictures.

It is not surprising that this city attracts over 41 million people every year and it is home to 17 of the USA’s biggest top 20 hotels.

It hard to imagine the creativity that must go into planning some of the hotels in Vegas, although today more importance is placed on style and modernity than theming. The day of themed hotel may be disappearing from the Vegas horizon but still it stands out as the number one tourism location to rival across the world.

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This year, Vegas is coming back to Hatfield! Well not literally, but the theme for this year’s Summer Ball is Las Vegas! The Forum Hertfordshire and the Piazza will be transformed into a Las Vegas Extravaganza being headlined by the fabulous Jess Glynne. Who would have thought five years on from visiting the city of Las Vegas, it is coming to Hertfordshire …(well kind of.)

Here are some fun facts about Las Vegas:

  1. There are over 150,000 bed spaces in Las Vegas; 62,000 being on the Strip alone; thats enough to nearly house the University of Hertfordshire’s student six times over in their own room.

  2. Two companies pretty much run all of the main Hotels on the Strip.

  3. A recent Hotel Complex project, CityCenter cost $9.2 billion

  4. The tallest Observation Tower in the USA (350m) is always a Vegas Hotel, The Stratosphere

  5. The High Roller, the world’s tallest Ferris Wheel is in Las Vegas

  6. There is a half scale replica of the Eiffel Tower in the centre of the Strip

  7. Vegas Vic, the enormous neon cowboy that towers over Fremont Street, is the world’s largest mechanical neon sign

  8. Las Vegas has its own Airport and two monorail lines that run along the Strip.

So while Las Vegas is truly my idea of heaven, I suppose this year’s Summer Ball will give me a fix a little closer to home!

You can buy your tickets for this year’s Summer Ball here:

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