Breakout! Harry Potter Party: Is It StudentWorthy?

By Robert Wheatley

StudentWorthy is a segment in which a student looks at the stuff going on at the University of Hertfordshire, to see if it’s really worth your $$.

Last week, we interviewed Breakout!‘s Harry Potter Party event organisers, Josh Watson and Luke Osborne, to find out what was in store for lovers of magic (and nights out). While The Trident was a little disappointed to find that the theming was a little less than Hogwarts-worthy, and the merchandise give-away pretty lackluster, our resident Head of Radio, Jono Godlee, still held that the night was a great success with an awesome atmosphere and cheap prices that made it all-in-all a worthwhile night out.

Jono Godlee [Credit: Jack Warris]

We meet again, Jono! Ever-important is the question of value: what did you think of Breakout!’s price?

For the first Breakout! of the year it was incredibly reasonable. The entry cost was £3, and tickets sold out on the night.

Reasonable! What kind of music was played tonight — anything particularly mystical and fantastic?

Usually, the DJ’s play indie music (some recent ones, some classics, and some old tracks). During the night, they played bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Twenty One Pilots, The Kooks, Evanescence, and loads more like this.

That’s quite the classical music aesthetic going on at Breakout! I suppose. Did it fit the Harry Potter theme going on that night?

If I’m honest, it didn’t seem like the Harry Potter theme was incredibly apparent during Breakout, at all. Some of the people that attended were dressed head to toe in Harry Potter outfits, though.

Some people were all decked out in awesome outfits! [Credit: Jack Warris]

Huh, that sucks, especially if that’s the whole point of the night! Was the Attic given a good makeover to fit with the theme, at least?

Not really: they actually had a minimal amount of Harry Potter related decorations. There was one Hogwarts sign, and then some barely noticeable Harry Potter signs at the Bar. They played a remixed version of the Harry Potter theme tune, at least.

That’s a shame: it sounds like the Harry Potter vibe was a bit gimmicky, then?

There wasn’t a Harry Potter aesthetic at Breakout!, at all. I personally feel like they could have worked on the decorations relating to theme slightly more.

Well, at least they promised us confetti cannons, and some prizes and official merch: did they commit to that?

There were confetti cannons, but they only used them once or twice, and there were no prizes. There was merchandise, albeit an incredibly limited amount of band posters and badges.

You can’t go wrong with confetti cannons [Credit: Jack Warris]

Hopefully, they’ll do a bit better next time. How were the staff that night, though? Good like you said they were at Cheeky Wednesdays?

The security and bartenders were all very friendly, and professional. They served everyone very well and promptly, too.

Maybe the theme was a letdown, but how was the general Breakout vibe?

It was really fun and upbeat, and it was great to be able to dance to some music that varies from the music that you hear at Cheeky Wednesdays and All The Way Up. I stayed until the end of the event and enjoyed every single second of it!

[Credit: Jack Warris]

Sounds like you really enjoyed it, then! Is Breakout something you’ll be attending again?

Definitely! I’ve been to every single Breakout! since the beginning of my time at University, and will almost certainly be attending the next one; it’s my favorite night at the forum.

I’m already assuming some bias but, if you could rate your night out on a scale of 1-10 what would you give it, and why?

I would give it a 10 because everything ran smoothly from start to finish, and the general vibe was so feel-good and everyone there was really enjoying their night — full marks from me.

Do you have any tips for students attending Breakout?

Make sure you buy your tickets (£3 on the SU site, £5 on the door) in advance so that you are guaranteed entry when you arrive. Doors open at 10:30 pm, so I’d suggest getting there for around 11/11:15 so that, when you arrive, more people will already be there and the atmosphere will be strong.

Breakout is a monthly event that happens in the Attic Bar at the Forum, with the momentous 5th year anniversary Breakout special happening on the 2ndof November.

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