Breakout! Funeral: Why The Night Came To A Close

It’s a sad time for Breakout! fans, for six years of pop-punk, rock and party hits came to a close on the 26th of April this year, in an event appropriately titled The Breakout Funeral.

For those that don’t know, Breakout! was an alternative to nights out like Contrast and Cheeky Wednesdays, offering a lot more rock classics, headbangers and beats which, now and then, was accompanied by a theme students could appreciate. Breakout! gave us some Disney discos, some Pokemon parties, and even a Rick and Morty rave, encouraging students to come in full fancy dress.

But, why is Breakout! Closing, you may wonder? To find out, The Trident spoke to the team behind the night itself, Josh and Luke, who discussed why the night came to a close, what their favourite theme of all time was, and what was going to emerge in its place.

It’s sad to see such a unique night out at the Forum depart! But, we have to know: why is Breakout! closing?

“We understand if you are new to Breakout! this is a shame, but, for us, after five to six years of running Breakout, we just feel the night has come to its natural end.

“Obviously, we are sad to see it end, having travelled the country doing Breakout! nights in different locations, having parties with various band members from The Blackout, You Me at Six, Hacktivist, Enter Shikari and so on – it’s sort of the end of an era for us, but we just feel it’s the right thing for us and the night.”

[Credit: Breakout!]

Well, everything comes to an end, eventually. Still, we can all reminisce on the good times: what was your favourite themed night held, and why?

“We are huge Disney fans, so the Disney night has always been our favourite of the year – there’s not many times a year you can play Slipknot and Phil Collins in the same night!

“The first one, back in 2015, is one of our two ultimate fave nights of Breakout! ever. We dressed as the ugly sisters from Cinderella, and yes, we looked ridiculous; and, it was really fun to see the attic full of people in Disney costumes.

“Seeing 300-odd people singing along to Let it Go at the top of their voices was something surreal, but so damn special at the same time.”

I guess whatever replaces Breakout! has some pretty immense shoes to fill! On that note, what will be replacing the night?

“Who knows right now, to be honest. Although Breakout! has run its course, we still like running nights at the Forum, and feel like there is a definite need for an alternative night at the Uni, so if the opportunity arose to do something different then we wouldn’t necessarily say no.

“The situation and plan would have to perfect, though – but never say never right?”

[Credit: Breakout!]

Do you miss Breakout!? What were your favourite memories from its themed parties? Let us know at @TridentMediaUK over on Facebook and Twitter.

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