[BREAKING NEWS] Zombie Invasion of College Lane

[Brad Johnson |Deputy Editor]

Members of the public have been seen behaving erratically on the College Lane Campus at the University of Hertfordshire. If rumours are to be believed, an infection has spread across the campus, turning normal students into flesh eating zombies.

It is vital that all students attend their designated evacuation day to avoid infection. An evacuation route has been designed across the campus to ensure a safe evacuation.

Saturday 1st November 2014. From 16:00 starting outside the EleHouse. Final evacuation at 20:00.

Hertfordshire Raise and Give stated that  “This virus causes subjects to act erratically. Early signs include redness of the skin and eyes as well as internal and external bleeding. In all cases, infected act in zombie-like ways.”

Until your evacuation, please avoid contact with the infected.  Infection on contact is inevitable. No one can be left behind.

Trident Media will keep you posted with updates on the pending infection control and evacuation. 

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