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Updated: May 6, 2021

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BoomTown, set up in Hampshire in 2009 as a humble village fair, is now growing rapidly with a strong hold on creativity, colour, expression, freedom and humanity. And that’s all within a magical pop-up city.

Each year is a different chapter and this year from 11th-14th of August; it will be celebrating its eighth year, with the story of a brainwashed mayor and the aftermath of an alien invasion.

The festival is structured around a ‘mythos’, or a set of stories relevant to a particular culture or group. On their webpage, you can click on the ‘Tourist Info’ and ‘City Guide’ tabs to explore the individual stories and other cool things.

BoomTown 2 - A New Twist 2014

Festival goers can set up residence in enchanting campsites such as ChinaTown, Mayfair Avenue and DownTown, each only a short walk away from the stages.

The kaleidoscope of music offered ranges from folk, reggae, punk, disco, jazz, bass, jungle, techno and much more. With 24 mind-blowing stages such as the Town Centre, Devil Kicks Dancehall, and Bang Hai Palace, there’s plenty of choice for anything you may fancy throughout each night.

If you want a break away from the glorious music, there will be cafes, yoga and discussion talks in the Garden Paradise, smoking cowboys in the Wild West and traders in ChinaTown, offering food from far and wide. And on top of all this, you will find everyday street theatre productions and travelling circuses walking through the fields.

BoomTown - The Palace Has risen 2015

BoomTown is very eco-friendly and has a heavy focus on charity, community and sustainability. They donate festival profits to charities and also give them free tickets to sell in raffles and competitions. But even with their charitable acts, they still manage to end the week with a huge blowout finale!

Boomtown 2 - The City Splits 2013

At £170 (unless you bought one very early at £135), BoomTown is most definitely worth a visit. If you still cannot make up your mind about whether to agree to possibly one of the best experiences of your life, here’s a little taster from last year’s festival of 50,000+ people. Let’s see if BoomTown is for you:

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Line up

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