Book Review: Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas

Updated: May 6, 2021

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

In a departure from the main events of the Throne of Glass series, Tower of Dawn focuses on Chaol, Nesyrn and newcomers, as they head to a far off empire to gain allies for the growing war.

An orphan turned Assassin turned Queen Aelin and her growing royal court and allies are off trying to figure that off fae enemies Maeve, resurrected royalty Erwan and find the final wrydkey in Erilea, two people are off on their own adventure.

After Chaol Westfall suffered a serve spinal injury leaving him unable to walk after being attacked by his friend now King Dorian’s deceased father (who was processed by the demonic valg creatures), he is sent to recover. And for a chance of being able to walk again, he and Dorian’s new Captain of the Guard Nesryn Faliq are sent to Antica.

Antica is home to the Torre Cesme, a place of learning and healing, and home to magically gifted healer and heir to the Healer on High, Yrene Towers. Yrene, came to the city to fulfil her healer ambitions. After her healer mother broke her oath and took a life before being murdered herself to save Yrene.

When Yrene is assigned to treat Chaol and his spinal injury, she is not happy to help a lord from Adarlan, after what happened to her mother. Meanwhile, Nesryn is tasked to investigate the kingdom and is soon whisked off by the rumoured heir to the empire, Prince Sartaq as he introduces her to the riders in the mountains of Ruhkin.

Murders and Secrets soon plague the royal family of Antica, as the youngest daughter is suspected to have been murdered, not to mention Chaol and Nesyrn need to convince the emperor and Sartaq’s sibling (who are all eager to get information from old friend Yrene and newcomers Chaol and Nesyrn) to become allies, in the growing war back home, if they hope to have a shot at winning it.

Then matters become more complicated, as Yrene learns more about healing valg injuries, and she and Chaol begin to develop romantic feelings for each other, during his treatment, as Nesyrn becomes romantically interested in the mysterious Prince Sartaq.

What was meant to be only a short novella, Tower of Dawn has become a fully-fledged part of the Throne of Glass series. The series’ world expands as new characters in the form of A royal family and the Torre Cesme, help to explore another realm in the series.

The slow-burning pace of the novel, which starts to heat up towards the end, makes for an exciting read. Tower of Dawn is the calm before the storm before the fate-deciding, final novel Kingdom of Ash. Not to mention the detailed mythology of the series, that is added to the series through the introduction of another kingdom near Erilea.

Be sure to read Tower of Dawn, before the final novel, for full immersion into the Throne of Glass world!

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