Book Review: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

[Eleanor Pilcher | Contributing Writer]

“The Circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it…it is simply there, when yesterday it was not.”

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern was the author’s debut novel in 2011, a number one hit that has a similar following to it as the circus within the story does. Set in Victorian times, spanning the globe as the circus moves from place to place, the story reads like a fairy-tale with its various twists and turns.

The story focuses on a challenge set in motion in the 1860s, between a young girl, Celia, and a young boy, Marco. They are trained throughout their childhood to be the best illusionists the world has ever seen, so that one day they can meet and play a game – with only one winner. It sounds simple, but the story is not.

The many intricacies within this story are extraordinary, with numerous characters who all play a pivotal part in the circus as well as the story. You become immersed in the life of the circus and by the end of the novel seem to know each tent as well as any of the characters. The main setting is the circus, even though it moves from place to place, we only ever seem to see the circus with unique clarity. The Ice Garden, the Cloud Maze, the Wishing Tree and the Labyrinth – everything is beautifully written and dazzlingly described. It will make you wish you were at this Circus!

It is hard to believe that Morgenstern was turned down 30 times before she got this book published in 2011 – so any aspiring writers out there, do not be discouraged! Anybody with a vivid imagination will love this book for the style and the descriptions are simply enchanting. The plot is relatively easy to follow, with the occasional confusing moment which is generally on purpose to push the story forwards.

Anyone interested in a little escapism during the exam period will enjoy this novel and perhaps it will be best to jump on the bandwagon now as Summit Entertainment have bought the film rights and are said to be in negotiations with various screenwriters to bring this story to life! Watch this space.

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