Book Review: The Mortal Word

Updated: May 6, 2021

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

The Invisible Library series only gets better from here; with higher stakes, higher emotions and higher danger for Irene. This allows for interesting new-dynamics between the protagonist Irene and her job and relationships, adds up to new directions for the series to take. The Library’s role across multiple alternate realities is about to be tested.

In this fifth instalment, Irene Winters realizes the full reality of what she signed up for when she became a Librarian/Spy for The Library. Her only mission is to preserve and retrieve books from alternate realities to maintain the balance between order and chaos. Not to mention, aiding The Library’s neutral peacemaking position between the order-loving dragons and chaos-loving fae.

After Irene was almost shot in an alternate 1920’s era America, sorting out a dragon dispute over a book, to win a high position in the dragon queen’s court, she’s lying low in her world. Kai remains, living with Vale allowing him to still see his former mentor Irene after the dragon dispute caused him to have to leave his role as her apprentice.

Suddenly, Irene’s frenemy of a co-worker Bradament comes in need of Vale’s detective services. A peace conference between order-loving dragons and chose loving fae, with Librarians as natural organisers have been set up in an alternate Paris. But there’s been a crime, a key dragon minister (from the dragon faction at the conference) has been murdered. It seems a notorious murderous fae, The Blood Countess and even Librarians are being framed for the crime.

A representative from each faction (faes, dragons, librarians) including Irene as the Librarian representative, led by Vale is sent to solve the murder. If they fail, the conference’s aim of a peace treaty between the factions may not be signed. Not to mention librarians including Irene’s parents being held hostage by faes and dragons, to make sure they comply. Another dragon in the form of Kai is there to help Irene and Vale in secret, with the pretence of visiting his royal dragon uncle.

In a race against time, Irene, Vales and the dragon and fae reps must solve the crime. If only Irene’s feelings for Kai weren’t getting in the way.

The Mortal Word is much longer than any of The Invisible Library’s previous instalments, meaning deeper developments for the plot and characters. For the first time: Irene, Kai and Vale are together in the “same” alternate reality, Vale finally gets to work on a case with Irene as Kai adjusts to not being Irene’s apprentice anymore.

Subtle but unexpected, and witty but cleverly written chapters in The Mortal Word, will leave you on the edge of your seat, as everyone’s favourite librarian Irene races to solve the murder mystery.

Stuck for a good book? Well, here’s your answer!

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