Book Review: The Masked City by Genevieve Cogman

Updated: May 6, 2021

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

Everyone’s favourite book worm is back in the form of early twenty-year-old, Irene Winters.

Irene is now happily settled as Librarian in residence for the alternate London from her last mission. Although, she is still shaken from her encounter with the return of ruthless and corrupt Librarian Alberich, appearing to have unfinished business.

On the bright side, her assistant and friend Kai have come along with her, even if he won’t stop teasing her as they share an apartment together, for convincing of course. The pair’s new friend Detective Vale is also happy to see them back as new books need saving.

Everything seems to be going well until a surprise visit from notorious fae Silver; then suddenly, Kai is kidnapped from under Irene’s nose.

This is especially bad with Kai being a dragon Prince and trainee assistant Librarian, as it means he has many duties but many enemies too. The dragons represent order and any chaotic realities endanger their life, the very reason Kai was kidnapped and taken to a high chaos one.

Irene goes to fae Silver demanding answers and Silver reveals it was probably at the hands of another dangerous fae. He allows her to disguise herself as his employee to sneak onto his reality travelling train. Irene agrees and ends up in a dark carnival alternate Veniece, to save Kai against the Library’s and wishes.

All Irene can do is do whatever she can to save Kai before he is auctioned off by whoever kidnapped him. The chaos of his alternate reality is making Kai weaker and Irene has to befriend a female fae, Zelena to get him back before times runs out.

If only, fate didn’t have other plans.

The detail of the alternate realities and the complex mythology of Irene’s library make for an intensely exciting read as Irene’s character develops as she travels into a place, that is the heart of what she hates to save Kai.

There is nothing predictable about this instalment in the Invisible Library series. You really feel for Irene in a strange reality with only her spy-like skill and bookish intelligence to aid her, and for her growing bond of friendships with Kai and Vale.

This book delves into the adventure mystery genre, only building on the fantasy drama of the last book, making it a great read for all of you who want to see Irene around alternate realities and libraries.

You’ll love this sequel to The Invisible Library as Irene is not only going alternate reality travelling, she’s going international!

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