Book Review: The Lost Plot

Updated: May 6, 2021

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

If you thought things couldn’t possibly get harder for Irene, you’re in for a surprise in this fourth instalment of the invisible library series; but never fear, Irene’s missions to save books are still ago!

It begins after the events in an alternate reality version of Russia, concerning Irene having to face enemy Alberich again, as she narrowly manages to save a book from him that would have allowed him to put more chaos into the alternate reality Russia. Librarian spy Irene (continuing to collect books from alternate realities to preserve them and stabilize worlds for The Library) would love nothing more than to sit back and take it easy for a while, but fate has other plans.

Everything soon begins to crumble around Irene, and she’s unsure how much longer her skilled but reckless behaviour will help with the matters at hand.

Irene and Kai are soon sent off from their alternate London, once again, to track down a rare book.

If only, it were that simple but then it never is; as the pair is sent to an alternate reality based on 1920s prohibition style America (meaning their detective friend Vale from their resident alternate reality of London can’t help them). At least, frenemy fae Silver and rest of the chaos-loving fae don’t seem to be the problem this time, its dragons instead!

Matters are complicated further, as there are two dragons competing to find the book as part of a noble dragon competition to win a position in a dragon queen’s court. Not to mention, fellow Librarian spy Evariste who got too involved in the dragons competition. If Irene and Kai can’t extract him from the situation in time, there could be severe consequences over the politically neutral position the library holds between dragons and fae.

The last thing Irene wanted is for Alberich’s revelation about her unique parental heritage of two librarians, being impossible to develop further, as Irene begins to wonder who she really is anymore.

This fourth instalment in the series allows for more insight into Kai and his dragon heritage as the dispute over this book, concerns his own kind. Meanwhile, Irene to prove what she’ll do when faced with dangerous and political obstacles in their quest for a book wanted by Kai’s order-loving people.

The ever-rising romantic-tension of “will they or won’t they” regarding Irene and Kai only adds more issues to their mission, as they are forced to split up and look for clues to find this book.

If you are left with the reader’s pet hate of waiting to find out what happens next, never fear! The next and fifth instalment in the series, The Mortal Word is available now!

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