Book Review: The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman

Updated: May 6, 2021

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

Do you want a book about books?

Do you want a book with detailed mythology?

Do you want a book with clever, witty and heart-stopping writing?

Do you want a book that is so not mainstream, that can’t only be found on Amazon and eBay?

If the answer to all four is yes, then look no further than The Invisible Library!

Credit: Project Fandom

Irene Winters is an intelligent, strong and resourceful spy. A spy for The Library, a place between space and time, and in between alternate realities. Irene is a spy but foremost a Junior librarian who is sent to other realities to steal important books, special to not just their reality but to the universe.

She must bring these books back to the Library, not only to preserve them but to strengthen the connections between these alternate realities. These realities are found anywhere on a spectrum of extreme order (favoured by Dragons who can take human forms) to extreme chaos (favoured by the Fae).

One day, Irene is sent by her superior and mentor, Senior Librarian Cordelia to an alternate Victorian London. It is filled with Victorian inventions, some modern tech in a steampunk era. Even other species such as Vampires and even Fae. This one is the image of a neutral reality between order and chaos.

There’s a catch. Irene is ordered to work with and mentor her trainee assistant Kai (a dragon prince who can take human form), both with problems of their own. When they reach Irene’s assigned reality, the book they’re searching for has been stolen. It appears people are willing to fight to the death for this book; her book.

Irene and Kai, along with a new ally, Detective and a notorious Fae called Silver must work together if they want to get the book before it falls into the wrong hands, and Irene may be forced to confront her own fears and secrets as her blurry past and destiny catch up to her, revealing things even she didn’t know.

This was a book I found by chance, on a shelf in my local library. I decided to read it; finding a book about books is like finding the Holy Grail for bookworms like me.

It keeps you hooked until the very end, the fine lines between order, chaos, and species along with scientific tech, magic and the myth of the plain old librarian are completely thrown out the window.

Every twist and turn brings something new, that the yearly wait between new book series is modern day torture.

Luck for you guys, four books are already out with the fifth to be released in December.

Once you read this book, you’ll forever wonder why it took so long for you to find.

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