Book Review: The Burning Page by Genevieve Cogman

Updated: May 6, 2021

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

Who thought being a Librarian could be this exciting? Irene knows for sure, but she also knows the dangers of the job, better than most.

Adventure, mystery, fantasy, drama, relationships and more are combined as this thrilling series, The Invisible Library, continues. Things are literally about to go up in flames for Irene.

Irene is now a Librarian on Probation after disobeying orders to save Kai, which involved going to dragons and involving herself with fae while in the high chaos alternate of Venice but was thanked by Kai’s royal dragon family. Her friend, Vale is still recovering from a chaos infested injury, after he travelled to the chaotic alternate Venice to aid Irene and Kai.

The problems only grow for Irene as she (while still on probation) is sent on a book-stealing mission with Kai that results in hastily leaving a mission from a burning building.

However, when Irene and Kai return to the Library from an alternate revolutionary France, they find that gates to alternate realities are malfunctioning. This is especially not good, as one of their mission’s gates home has already literally gone up in flames!

Irene is sent with her assistant and friend, Kai to an alternate reality of St Petersburg’s Winter Palace, Russia to find a book that could help restore order to the library. The mission to get the book becomes harder for Irene as it appears centuries-long enemy of the Library, Alberich is also in the area, stealing various books from various alternate realities.

He appears to give Irene a “join me or suffer the consequences” offer, her refusal leads to having to foil various assassination attempts.  Alberich wants to see the Library destroyed and come down, hoping it will take Irene with it; while learning of Alberich’s past and motives, and what he knows of Irene and her parentage of two librarians from the library, may not be all she thought it to be.

Not to mention, an old friend who comes to Irene for help, the foreshadowed betrayal of someone close, and strained relationships with her Library superiors who may have their own agenda, and having to deal with unexpected truths about her parentage, means Irene saving her sanity would only be a bonus.

This third book in the series is absolutely amazing! The continued intrigue into Irene and her role in the Library continues to grow as she is caught in all situations, other Librarians only see in their deepest dreams and nightmares.

The hierarchy and life of Librarians like Irene, in the Library, gives you a rather intriguing insight into Irene’s life before she became a Librarian in residence on Vale’s alternate reality. Also, the new revelations, about Kai’s dragon royal family, and the inference at their court after Irene saved him, and Vale’s strange unpredictable behaviour due to his chaos contamination, create more in-depth and new dynamics between Irene, Kai and Vale and their characters’ developments.

Burning Page is honestly, a fast-paced nail-biting read and its complexity and detail makes it interesting as characters come full circle and new ones are introduced.

So if you’re a bookworm with a taste for adventure, then make sure you stay with Irene and read this third instalment in the Invisible Library Series, as Irene is heading into the labyrinth, that is the war between chaos and order!

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