Book Review: Tessa Masterson WILL Go To Prom – Emily Franklin & Brendan Halpin

By Chloe Bransom.

This joint-author book was released in 2012 and is still relevant to issues that the LGBT community face today, mainly in countries and states that still have homophobic views on people who have come out.

The story is about two best friends of the opposite sex, in which everyone in their small town believed would eventually go to senior prom together. However, when Luke asks Tessa, Tessa finally comes out to Luke and turns him down. Luke, angered at her response and feels as if he has been lied to, causes controversy and an uprising around town which results in Tessa facing discrimination many LGBT people still face now.

Franklin and Halpin do a great job on showing how many people’s homophobic attitudes can massively affect the LGBT community and the importance that they keep on fighting for their rights and don’t let the discrimination they face get to them. The very noticeable problem with this is that events like in the story are still happening around the world today, six years later.

There is no doubt that this book has helped many young people realise who they are and that they should be proud of it and that they shouldn’t be afraid to tell people who they really are, because if they are surrounded by the right people, they will most definitely still be loved.

Rating: 5/5

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