Book Review: Seven Ancient Wonders by Matthew Reilly

[Leong Qi Tyng | Contributing Writer]

I like action thrillers that are fast-paced and non-stop action with the right amount of adventure. Books written by Mathew Reilly meet my expectations and they are a real page turner.

Seven Wonders

The book I like most from Matthew Reilly is the Jack West Jr. Series. It is an action packed book and touches on themes of loyalty, courage and family. The author injects some humour in as well. The characters are lovable and also flawed in their own way.

What I like most from the series is that it is based slightly on reality and mixed with the author’s imagination. Sometimes you have to separate the truth from the made up ones. The author even included illustrations and drawings such as a picture of the caverns his characters are trapped in or navigating.

In the first book of the series, Seven Ancient Wonders (Seven Deadly Wonders in the US), we are taken to many different countries and sights (duh, it is called the Seven Ancient Wonders!) such as the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut in Egypt.

In this book, there is a golden capstone that sat on the peak of the Great Pyramid of Giza. This capstone gives the holder an immense and global power. As usual, to make sure the power is not abused, it was broken into seven pieces and you guessed it, hidden in each of the Seven Ancient Wonders.

When a rare solar event comes in 2006 in the book, it is time to rebuild the capstone. Nations gathered their own armies to go on a huge treasure hunt but one group made out of a few different nationalities led by Captain Jack West Jr. is trying to stop the capstone from falling into the wrong hands. The group will go through booby traps, crocodile swamps and carry out physics-defying actions.

It gets heart wrenching in the second book in the installment, The Six Sacred Stones. My favourite characters appear in the second book: the Mathematical twin Scottish geniuses, Lachlan and Julius Anderson. Find out how they escaped imprisonment!

When I finished reading the series, I turned to Reilly’s Scarecrow series to fill the void. Matthew Reilly writes many other books as well and they are all action packed and fast paced. He has a book written showing his own account of why the young Queen Elizabeth I refused to marry and again it’s action too!

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