Book Review: Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas

Updated: May 6, 2021

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

Tick tock, the final countdown to Erliea’s Great War is coming.

The events in the series start to heat up with thrilling and tragic twists as the characters are forced to endure things, relatable in ways to the readers. This is done through the characters’ deepest nightmares and dreams to affirm who they are and want to be and how far they are willing to go to achieve it.

Celaena returns from Wendlyn, after embracing her Fae heritage as she previously used her fire powers to destroy the invading Valg princes in Wendlyn. She leaves Rowan, having sworn a new blood oath after being freed from Maeve by her (during her visit to Mistward in Wendlyn to see her) to keep safe. Although, it soon appears they can’t stay away from each other.

However, Adarlan’s has changed since Celaena left. Dorian, after seeing his father, King behead his lover Socha, he unleashed his ice powers on him and is now under control of his father, who has placed a black collar on him to allow a Valg Prince to attempt to process him as he tries to fight it to get to his friends.

Chaol is broken, angry and hurt after Dorian told him to flee, he recounted City Guard Nesryn Faliq to save prisoners and aid the rebellion. Not to mention Celaena coming back after unofficially breaking up, and embracing her right as Queen.

The key change is Celaena, who comes back to destroy the king, bring back magic and get her family amulet, suspected to be a Wyrdkey. However, the amulet is still in the hands of her ex-mentor and King of Assassins Arobynn Hamel, who still has some games to play with Celaena and her new growing court. She also connects with her former rival and unknown shapeshifter Lysandra who was sent to train at a brothel when she was sent to train as an assassin, almost ten years ago.

Credit: Bloomsbury Publishing

If this wasn’t enough to deal with them, Rowan soon follows Celaena back to Adarlan to help her, but not before her cousin Aedion is rescued after being sentenced to death by the king but supports Celaena’s cause when she frees him after almost ten years apart. Celaena and Rowan start to grow from mentor me tee to friends and eventually romantic partners as Celaena realises what Rowan really means to her.

The witch clans are also back as Manton is pushed to the limit as the cruel wing leader under her grandmother’s watchful eye. When she learns the truth of the fate of a clan she was forced to pick for the Duke and her boss and demoing her second Asterin who with third and fourths, S and V reveal the truth to Manton. This s sets her on a quest to gain a new legacy for the Blackbeaks after Celaena spared her life in a death match.

Finally, Celenas growing court including Rowan, Aedion, L and the court including Chaol and Nesryn of the entrapped future king Dorian are formed. Together, they set off to either put Dorian to rest or free him, a decision causing friction between Celaena and Chaol along with regaining the kingdoms and magic.

The bigger and faster change of pace in the series’ plot, led me to finish the book in barely even a few days. This is due to Celaena, Dorian and Chaol being reunited after being separated for the last book, having made new allies, friends and enemies in that time.

Not to mention, how the Throne of Glass series becomes a lot more addictive as this book will leave you wanting more, as it takes an unexpected turn in this book. So if it’s romance, violence, drama and fantasy that you want in a royal kingdom in war setting – and with a heroine who can make Game of Throne characters look tame – then look no further than the fourth, Throne of Glass book, Queen of Shadows!

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