Book Review – One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus

By Chloe Bransom.

This book played with my emotions from start to finish and honestly, I feel so attacked right now. Anyway, to business.

Imagine The Breakfast Club but where one of them dies, and the other four in the room have no idea how it happened and suddenly they’re all suspects in a murder case. This is pretty much what this book is, and you get every character’s point of view of the story all leading up to the big finish, which trust me, is NOT what you would expect. At all.

Now I’m not going to do this as a standard book review. I loved this book so much I want people to read it without the gist of what happens in the story because it was so beautifully written with the wildest of plot twists I’ve come across in a long time that I want other people to experience this book the way I did.

This book is a story of murder, trust, friendship, secrets and crime, and is honestly one of the best mundane murder mysteries I’ve read in my lifetime. McManus not only keeps you hooked on every single paragraph and moves the characters stories along in a way which makes you say *cue, Barney Stinson* “I GOSTA KNOW” at the end of every chapter but she really makes you feel as if you personally know these characters and feel the emotions they are feeling as the story develops and changes as the book goes on.

Honestly with the rating the book and all I’d give it a 5/5, though most critics who’ve written reviews on this have given it anywhere between a 4 and 4.7 and I think that also does it enough justice.

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