Book Review: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

Updated: May 6, 2021

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

The third book in the series takes Throne of Glass to new heights as the readers finally get a taste of the war to come in the land of Erliea; and Celaena and her friends become separated from each other, with the exciting read of how they will cope.

Orphan. Assassin. Slave. Assassin again. Celaena Sardotherin has had quite a journey and shes only about to become nineteen. Although, that’s not the only thing she will have to become.

After the King takes his suggestion to send Celaena to Wedlyn, he wants her to be safe but the king wants her to assassinate Terrasens Royal family. Chaol knows she’ll never do it as he finally figured out Celena’s clue on who she really is; Rightful Heir and lost Queen Aelin Ashryver Galathynius of Terrasen.

Celaena is found by Fae Prince Rowan. She will have to learn to shift into the form of her half-fae heritage and harness her fire heart powers. It is the only way Town and his Queen Maeve will allow her to go to Doranelle, for Doranelle holds Celaena’s much-needed answers about the processed king of Adralan and where/how to get the three Wyrdkeys to stop him and free magic.

So, while Celaena has to train with Rowan, they argue but start to bond with the only person who has never been scared of her and could match her warmth. Chaol remains in Adralan, wanting to protect Dorian’s growing powers. The pair aren’t on speaking terms as each has their secrets, as Dorian grows closer to healer Soscha.

This leads Chaol to work with rebel and supposed womanizer Prince Aedion Ashnyer of Terrasan – Celena’s/Aelin’s cousin to try and stop the King. Even though he is still unsure what side to be on, whether to just obey his duty to Celaena and Dorian or help the rebellion too. Chaol and Aedion team up with Murtaugh and Ren who work to figure out how the King got rid of magic and maybe even how to get it back.

Meanwhile, new characters are introduced through three witch clans (the Yellowlegs, the Bluebloods and the Blackbeaks). The star of the clans is Blackbeak heir, Manon and her famous troop in the coven “The 13” with second Asterin. The homelands of the witches were taken over and cursed because the witches’ immortality was taken and now they age, as the covens struggle to get by.

A message is sent from the King, for them to train and one of them to win the role of Wing Leader of the Wyverns (and chose one each to fly) to serve in his war in return for something worth their service. The Black Beak heir Manon is under pressure from her grandfather to win the role as her growing conscience threatens her dark heart, perhaps they will be the allies Celaena turns to if she ever takes her throne back and goes to war.

A change of scenery for Celaena makes for a thrilling read as she, Chaol and Dorian are lead in different directions and relationships are strained. The three begin to become divided, each with their own problems but is fated to be reunited again in Adralan.

Dramatic twists in the narrative as Celaena goes from King’s champion to Queen and Fae in training, and leads behind Adralan allow for quick and sharp developments in her story, and that of her friends for what will become of them.

The status quo can’t stay the same forever, and you will be hooked as the Throne of Glass series reaches its amazing climax, and once you read it, there’s no going back.

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