Book Review: Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

Updated: May 6, 2021

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

The revolution between the silver bloods (gifted with supernatural abilities) and red bloods, the likes of the Scarlet Guard and new bloods like Mare (red bloods with silver like abilities) is beginning to spark in the addictive next instalment in the Red Queen series.

During previous events, where the (red blood rebels) Scarlet Guard saw the silver bloods sabotage their attack to discredit them, Mare Barrow, (now known as the Lightening Girl, due to her abilities to control electricity and lightning) was found out by the Silvers as not a long-lost silver Lady but a red-blood girl from a poor Red village.

Mare and silver prince Maven are arrested and taken before the silver King and Queen Elara. The queen, who has been manipulating Maven, reveals she and Maven have been plotting to murder Cal (Elara’s stepson, and heir to the throne) and replace Maven over Cal as the future king. Elara uses her silver abilities of mind control to force Cal to kill his father in front of the cameras, branding him and Mare as traitors.

They are sentenced to death in an arena fight with noble silvers, which allows Maven to become King of Norta.

Before their execution can take place, Mare (who vows to seek revenge on Maven) and Cal escape with the help of the Scarlet Guard. The pair meet up with the young twenty-something Captain (Diana) Farley, Mare’s childhood friend Kilorn and Mare’s brother Shade. Shade is fought to have died in the army but reveals he faked his death and joined the guard as, like Mare, he has powers too despite having red blood.

In the Glass Sword, Mare is reunited with her family, in the safety of the Scarlet Guard’s headquarters, while Shade’s hidden relationship with Farley is brought to light. Cal, however, is struggling with the knowledge he was forced to kill his father, and neither wanting to join the silver nobles but neither activity helps the Scarlet Guard.

Mare is now on a mission, with the list of new bloods (red bloods with silver blood like abilities) like her and sets out with Farley, Shade, Kilorn and Cal to find red and silver bloods alike; along with the hope of finding and training new bloods from Julian (Mare’s old silver teacher, when she was pretending to be a Lady) to fight against the silvers, who seek to destroy their kind.

When Mare learns the harsh realities of a revolution, she feels like a falling hero when people she trusts turn against her and feel she never learns that “anyone could betray anyone”. Her new scepticism and fierce views on new-blood powers and training them, of Mare, makes it hard for people to take her seriously, showing how some people don’t listen to those they don’t understand.

The shocking conclusion to the novel will leave the characters lost and broken, as they are forced to put personal problems aside for the bigger picture – taking down Maven, no matter the cost. While the revolution of silver nobles against reds and new bloods reaches a tipping point – the discrimination and divisions are present on both sides of the revolution, but how far is each side willing to go to overthrow the other?

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