Book Review: An Assassin’s Blade By Sarah J Maas

Updated: May 6, 2021

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

For fans of the Throne of Glass series, A Assassin’s blade allows for more insight into the heart of notorious assassin Celaena. This prequel, to the best-selling series, allows the reader to see how Celaena came to be the assassin, picked to contend for the role of Kings Champion and clues to the queen she will one day become.

Before she asserted her right as a demi fae heir and Queen of Terrasen, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius was once Celaena Sardothien, Assassin. In the months before she was caught and enslaved at Endovier salt mines, she was Arobynn Hamel, protégé and heir to his Assassin’s Guild in Adralan.

Arobynn took Celaena in as a terrified orphan at age ten, after her parents were murdered in a brutal attack in her homeland and she was forced to flee, her home and her family’s legacy.

Despite Celaena having sworn an oath to the king of assassins, she kills without mercy and on her own terms, causing Arobynn to favour her skill, and arrogant rich appearance over his second in command, Sam.

An unprecedented chain of events, begin as Celaena and Sam are sent to Skulls Bay to carry out a deal with pirate lord Rolfe. Celaena realizes that A lied to her by not telling her about the deal, knowing she wouldn’t have agreed to it, as she disapproves of it.

He meant for her and Sam to bring back slaves he has brought, knowing this would feel like a shot to the heart for his protege. The slaves involved cause her to risk her life to try and save them, Sam reluctantly agreeing to Celaena’s plan.

The result sees both punished, Celaena sent to the Dessert Assassin’s to train and suffer breakings of stamina and her heart as new friendships are tested. Her return allows Celena and Sam to comfort their growing feelings for each other and try to leave their life with the Assassin’s Guild behind along with Adralan.

The consequences of Celaena and Sam going rogue, sees Celaena shatter into a million pieces, as her once warming-heart is threatened to turn cold, once again, leading to the events of Throne of Glass.

A prequel to justify the development of Celena into the cold broken assassin, hiding her heart that we see in the overall series. The five novella – making up the prequel – creates a rich and detailed history for Adarlan notorious assassin, with five reasons as to what changed her, for better or for worse, with five people who would come to shape the Celena, we see in Throne of Glass.

Whether this is read before its connecting, Throne of Glass series, afterwards or during the series, it makes for an intriguing and thrilling read, concerning Celaena and her violent history.

For this is Celaena’s origin story, and a novel worthy of becoming your next book obsession.

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