Book Review: A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas

Updated: May 6, 2021

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

This book gave me chills, with its dark wit, agonizing and gory battles and fairy tale romances full of raw desire, this book is truly the peak of fantasy novels.

After the explosive events in Hybern with the ancient Fae artefact – the cauldron, where Feyre (who’s now accepted and loves High Lord of the night court Rhysand as her mate and her role as it’s High Lady and as a powerful High Fae) and the night court met the King of Hybern.

The king used the cauldron, an ancient but powerful Fae artefact to turn the mortal queen’s (who refused to help the Night Court and betrayed them to Hybern) and Feyre’s sisters Elain and Nesta from mortals to High Fae. Matters are only complicated as Feyre’s previous lover Tamlin’s friend, Lucien revealed he is Elain’s mate and debates whether to help Feyre.

However, Feyre who is now mated with Rhysand (High Lord of the Night Court) and the High Lady and High Fae of the faerie Night Court, pretends to be saved by her former controlling lover Tamlin. Tamlin took Feyre back to the faerie Spring court (where he is High Lord) unaware Feyre was just acting the helpless rescued maiden in order to learn the spring courts plans, secrets and who they plan to side with, in the upcoming war between Hybern and Pyrthian, where the faerie courts reside.

However, the war centuries in the making is finally upon Feyre, Rhysand and their friends in Verlais. The court sees Amren attempt to decode an ancient Fae book to try and nullify the cauldron while everyone tries to test and train Feyre’s sisters, after being made Fae. But for Feyre, she must make soul-crushing decisions and look for surprising new allies, if there is to be a shot at defeating Hybern in the war, looming all around them.

Between the struggles of continuing to adjust to her new high Fae powers from all the faerie courts! And her soul finally mending after the horrors of her past, Feyre’s triumph over what life has thrown at her is something you definitely don’t want to miss.

Not to mention Feyre’s mate and High Lord and Fae Rhysand, Cassian, Arizel, Mor and Amren (all from the Night sub court of Verlais) who have their own brutal histories, secrets and relationships coming to light, as they prepare for the growing war. Feyre learns what her mate and new family went through, and begins to understand them in a whole new light.

The ending leaves a foreboding yet hopeful tone for what will become if Feyre and the others, after the war. A court of wings and ruin is an emotionally thrilling novel where the plot thickens and resolves itself at an unpredictable pace, which makes for a very interesting read.

The gathering of all the faerie courts as they prepare for war gives intriguing insights to Mor’s family history and brutal punishment for wanting to choose who she loves, Amren’s haunting past in a Fae prison and as the last of her kind, and Rhysand, Carrisan (who starts to warm up to Nesta) and Arizel’s warrior camp pasts becoming their burden means for a complicated but rich world and Fae and faerie mythology in this series, that draws you further into the world that Feyre lives in.

One thing’s for sure, you will never be bored while reading A Court of Wings and Ruin!

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