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We all love going on holiday and travelling around the world. We also all love our smartphones. If only there was a way to marry the two together. And there is! We’ve compiled a list of the top five travel apps out there at the moment that help you guide yourself around cities, organise your travel itineraries and even pack your bags! Enjoy and Bon Voyage!


5) Packpoint

RATING: 3/5 Moons

So you’ve booked your flight and your hotel, and you’ve already done the generic “Just booked my Holiday! Woo!” tweet and/or status. Now it’s time to think about what to pack. Do you really need all those shirts? As featured in The Washington Post, BBC and CNN, PackPoint is a handy little app that will practically pack your bags for you. After a short series of general questions, such as; Are you male or female? Are you travelling for business or Leisure? How many days are you going for?, the app will organise what needs to be packed and will create a checklist for you to save. Its free for both iOS and Android and will save you time and money in the long run!


4) Tripit

RATING: 3/5 Moons

Do you usually carry around the awkward folder full of information about your holiday, bookings and flights? Well theres an app to replace that! The ultimate organiser for your travels is now available for free for your smartphone. Tripit organises all your travel plans in one place. You just have to download the app and confirm the email they send you, and Tripit will automatically create a detailed daily itinerary for every trip. You can access you itineraries on and offline and the app provides you with directions, maps and weather forecasts. Tripit will make your travelling experience that little bit easier.

trip journal

3) Trip Journal

RATING: 4/5 Moons

This is the perfect app for travelling bloggers, or people who simply want to share their journeys with friends and family. Trip Journal is the #1 Google Awarded Travel App for the best trip tracking, recording, documenting and sharing features. It allows you to share routes, locations, photos, videos, comments and blog entries. Facebook, Flickr, Youtube and Twitter are also integrated, making it easier to share your content to everyone. Whilst the app costs around £2.99, it is a worthwhile purchase for those budding travel journalists.

trip advisor

2) TripAdvisor

RATING: 5/5 Moons

TripAdvisor ranks high in our list for its all-in-one features, user friendliness and extremely helpful database of information. If you want to find fun things to do and which airlines, hotels and restaurants are the best, then this is the travel app for you. With over

150 million reviews and opinions from fellow travellers, as well as countless photos and maps, TripAdvisor is the perfect app to plan your perfect holiday. The free mobile app is available for iOS and Android and allows you to browse millions of reviews, discover amazing places around the world and compare airfares and find the best deals. You can even add your own photos and reviews. Its the social media of travel apps.


1) Triposo

RATING 5/5 Moons

Our number one spot goes to…drum roll please…Triposo! It’s free for everyone and works offline to provide you with a travel guide for the whole world. As soon as you install the app, you have offline access to every country, and each guide includes a map, things to do, major sights to visit and which restaurants and nightclubs are worth going to. To make this impressive database even more inclusive, the app provides you with a currency counter, phrasebooks for non-English locations and, when online, weather forecasts and current news events for the area. This app pretty much covers every aspect of travelling and is an absolute essential in new cities. Download and try today!

Found an invaluable travel app which we missed off our list? Let us know in the comments or @TridentMediaUK!

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