Black History Month: Martin Luther King Jr.

Lara Owolabi | Production Manager

Yes, I know… predictable. But the way I see it, he cannot be talked about enough no matter how old the history. Martin Luther King Jr., leader of the AACRM (African-American Civil Rights Movement), was a baptist minister from Georgia assassinated in 1968.

If not for Martin Luther King Jr., African Americans would be sitting at the back of the bus after coming back from their segregated ‘coloured’ schools, that didn’t have the best utilities because nobody wanted to see black people prosper. Personally, I think Luther King Jr. is one of the main reasons to celebrate Black History Month, alongside other influential people like Maya Angelou.

His powerful speech ‘I Have a Dream’ visualised freedom and equality for black people everywhere. If only he was around to see it now.

Things still need working on, the police and racial profiling for example, but nobody can say that black people haven’t come a long way since slavery.

Happy Black History Month!

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