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If you’re already aware that Lent started last Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, then you’re probably going to question why on earth I’m writing an article about it over a week late. The period of 40 days, which comes before Easter, provides a season of reflection and preparation for Easter celebrations. According to the BBC Christianity pages, by observing 40 days of Lent, Christians are able to “replicate Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and withdrawal into the desert”. This is usually marked by fasting both from food and festivities. However, you don’t necessarily have be a part of a Christian denomination to try it for yourself. If you just grasp the concept of it and give up a bad habit or change your lifestyle in some way for the better then I believe it’s not too late to start now. It’s a perfect way to test yourself and make yourself feel better to welcome in the spring. There are so many options that you can choose for your own way of doing Lent, the obvious ones being to quit smoking or to cut out chocolate/sweets, but you don’t even have to go big with it. Maybe, you watch Netflix too much or you walk around the campus like a zombie, attached to your phone screen. These bad habits can all be minimised by you putting in some real effort into cutting them down. You don’t have to get rid of them completely but you could start by only watching Netflix on weekends or leaving your phone at home on your way to class, for example.


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If you decide to try something for Lent, make sure you will be able to pull through with it. There’s nothing worse than making massive promises to yourself and then feeling let down when you cannot meet them. It also may be a good idea to keep your goals quiet until you know they can be achieved. Otherwise you’ll have to tell your family, friends and colleagues that it didn’t work out when they ask. On the other hand, it’s not the end of the world if you cannot stick to whatever you decide to do. Perhaps only watching Netflix on the weekends was a massive task anyway. At least you tried to change something, even if it only lasted a matter of days, or even hours – yeah you can’t exactly boast about it, but it might make you feel a little bit better inside and I guess that’s what matters.  

If you’re still stuck on what you could try to change/give up, here’s a list of smaller possibilities: 1) Online shopping – say goodbye to your ASOS premium delivery 2) Uber taxis 3) Eye-rolling 4) Bacon – I’m serious 5) Saying “like” after every single sentence 6) “Preeing” on social media; just follow/add them.

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