Best websites to procrastinate on

By Jemma Heard – Contributing Writer

We’ve all been there.

Staring at our laptop screens with a blank word document open in front of us, wishing the essay would write itself. But soon our mind wanders off to the land of procrastination, and before we know it we’ve open a web browser looking at videos of cats.

But what other websites are there to fulfil our needs? Let’s take a look…


Launched back in 2007, this website donates rice based on the individual simply answering multiple choice questions.

The rice that gets donated to the United Nations World Food Program helps to feed people around the world who need it the most.

For each 10 questions you correctly answer, 100 grains of rice will get donated. The more you play, the more you can donate!

Not only are you helping, but you can improve your vocabulary and writing ability too.


A throwback to the ultimate 2015 website to cure our un-needed procrastination thoughts.

Playing as a cell in a large container, the aim is to gain as many dots as possible to grow and dominant the board.

But other players can threaten your chances of survival by eating your cell to make themselves grow bigger… so watch out!

Play with people from around the world, and prove to people that you are the best of the best upon the game.

Via Pixabay


If you want to explore random parts of the globe just from your fingertips, this website is perfect for you.

Placed in a random part of the world, you have to use clues around you in order to figure out where you are. The closer you are to the location, the more points you will earn!

You can specify on what region you would like to play within, ranging from the United Kingdom to United States of America.


Aah. The video sharing website with the endless streams of videos.

Hundreds of millions of minutes of video content is uploaded per day, ranging from how-to makeup tutorials to gaming videos. Content for every audience of every age, the website for quite literally everyone.

Videos can range from just one minute long to an hour length, so if your procrastination span is as long as mine, you will be spending a good couple of hours on here!

Via Pixabay


Have fun playing the best throwback games – Super Mario Kart (1991), Super Mario World (1990) and Street Fighter 2 Turbo (1992) just to name a few.

The website, that is home to the classics, allows you to play these games for free for as long as your heart desires.

Relive and revert back to your childhood with these games, and hide from adult responsibilities for a little while longer!

Have fun procrastinating!

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