Believers Loveworld Society event: BLW VIBES

[Contributed by the Believers Loveworld Society]

BLW Campus Ministry Hertfordshire Society successfully held a live event in the Forum Hertfordshire called Easter Youth Vibes (Voices In Blessed Exuberant Sounds).This was held on the 4th of April in a rock themed concert where over 250 young people rocked-out the place dressed in rock-styled attire.

In attendance were world renowned gospel singers such as the London based LMAM stars Christian K and Frank Fytt. The venue was filled with exuberant dance, music and the spoken Word of God enabling us as a Christian society on campus to share our love of God through music and dance bringing together people of different faiths and beliefs.

This event is already reverred as the social and media event of the year making headlines on National Television Stations such as on the SKY Network where it can be seen on our program LoveWorldtv which reaches out to over 200 million homes. This was also an excellent platform to not only showcase the talent that students at Hertfordshire University have displayed not only in dance, music but also afforded the University of Hertfordshire to be seen and known World-wide giving positive reviews and light on the University and the type of students that are being nurtured by the university as seen in our society.

Indeed the programme also went viral on the internet and mobile app links where it received and is still receiving many hash-tags. So far nationwide this programme has received over 700 likes and comments and we’re still counting as everyday people are excited to read the News of this sold out Christian outreach in the most famous venue at the University of Hertfordshire and the full story is also available on LoveWorld News at

This program not only reached out to young people that were in attendance but it also championed our cause to reach out in a fun and exciting way what we believe in. It also gave students something to do that is valuable during the Easter break and enabled them to also use their different talents, organisational skills, planning skills and be able to put together a programme that really reached out to so many. Indeed for most of the students who were involved in the making of this programme, it surprised them to see and know how much talent that they actually possess which may not have come into ‘light’ if not for this programme. This has been very exciting for most of us and we are excited every time we see it on the news and on other media platforms.

We organised, we attended, and best of all we drew the young to Christ through our joyful, fun and vibrant society on campus that we are. We look forward to doing more and bigger things next time. Thank you!

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