Beat the January blues

[Chloe Burrowes | Contributing Writer]

Along with the post- Christmas lull, freezing temperatures and exams; January also gives us the most depressing day of the year – Blue Monday on the 26th of January. The date was originally identified by academic Cliff Arnall in 2005 who calculated based on weather conditions, debt levels, failed New Year’s Resolutions and going back to work after the Christmas holidays, that most people would feel down the most on this day.

Twitter also takes a turn on this day, with an increase in negative language and tweets all indicating towards a distinct drop of mood in this month. Luckily, there are facilities in place and things to do to lift your mood, making Blue Monday a little bit easier.

With stress in the student population rising in recent years; places like the Advice and Support centre are on hand to help out with students. The Advice and Support Centre on campus gives students ‘the opportunity to sit down, with a cup of tea, and talk about what is worrying them’.

Faith Goligher, a student welfare advisor explains how the centre “provides practical support and guidance for Students, and may also refer them to external support services (such as the Counselling Service) where appropriate.” The mentoring team are also on hand; providing support in everything from studies to personal well being.

If it’s not professional advice you need, there’s plenty of stuff to do at home to help curb the January blues. Bake a cake, light some candles, read a book you’ve been meaning to for a while or just do something you have always wanted to. Blue Monday doesn’t have to get you down, it’s just another day in January – but if you aren’t feeling upbeat; a duvet day may be your best option!

For more information from Advice and Support call 01707 285022 or drop into the Students’ Union!

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