Bayfordbury Observatory To Hold Upcoming Public Event

By Aaron Hurst – News Editor

The Bayfordbury Observatory has opened its doors to the public for four events happening from December-March.

The events will allow those who attend to experience the real-life operations that take place in a space observatory. According to Dr Marc Sarzi, the events on offer will interest anyone with an enthusiasm for astronomy.

“There really is something for everyone, whether you have an avid interest in all things intergalactic, are an amateur stargazer, or just looking for something different to do on a Friday.

“Our talks and activities cater for all ages!”

State-of-the-art cameras and robotics will be present at the events to bring demonstrations to life.

Via Wikimedia

Via Wikimedia

The first of four open evenings at the Bayfordbury Observatory, titled ‘The Next Century of Astrophysics’, took place on the 9th December. This provided an opportunity to explore the future of astrophysics, in particular the equipment that will be used by astronomers to make more discoveries.

Then on the 20th January, the Observatory will be putting on an evening dedicated to looking at ‘Black Holes, from tiny to huge’, before opening to the public again with ‘The Next Century of Space Exploration’ on the 10th February.

This tetralogy of special events at the Observatory will conclude with ‘Astrophotography and the role of Amateur Astronomers’, an event that aims at anyone who is just starting out in the realm of astronomy.

You can book a place on any of these events by visiting

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