Baking Society: could you be their Star Baker?

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If you enjoy spending lazy afternoons in the kitchen donning your apron and cooking up a ‘doughverload’ of baked goods, then the Baking Society might be just up your alley. The society continues to earn more and more members due to their friendly nature and all sharing, as the name suggests, a love for baking! This year, the committee has been refreshed and they are ready to recruit new students. They also plan to diversify their activities, Chairperson, Amabel Richardson, said: “We’ve got some great new ideas, which include going on excursions to chocolate factories and food festivals, as well as teaching more exciting and varied recipes for beginners and experts alike.”

Image: UHSU Baking Society

UHSU Baking Society

There are several events planned for the year ahead, including their very own mini bake off inspired by the Great British Bake Off (which is every baker’s staple TV show), following twelve homebakers battling it out to be crowned the UK’s Best Amateur Baker. At the end of every month, the Baking Society recreates their own small competitions, so that their members can demonstrate the skills they have learnt within the past month for the chance to win some small baking-related prizes!

Like so many of the societies at The University of Hertfordshire, the Baking Society enjoys raising money for charitable causes. Last year, they held a number of bake sales where they raised around £200 for Hope for Children and for the third year Fine Art students’ end of year exhibition in London. They did this through a range of baking inspired events, such as the traditional bake sale, quizzes and a cake-in-a-mug sale. They are still in the process of deciding which causes to support this year, but you can expect to see them dotted around the campus, selling their wares and by being involved in all of the major upcoming holidays.

Image: UHSU Baking Society

As part of the ‘Give it a Go’ scheme, set up by the Students’ Union to get students involved in activities around campus, the Baking Society provided an open class where students could walk in and learn cake decorating as a trial for the Society, which was dubbed as being extremely popular. Amabel commented, “It was great to meet new enthusiastic people who were really interested in baking and volunteering. It would be great to do something with ‘Give it a Go’ again.”

If you would like to get involved with the Baking Society, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend the weekly meetings regardless of having paid for the subscription or not – but at only £10 it hardly breaks the bank! Information about the meetings can be found on their Facebook page. Details are below:

Facebook: UHSU Baking Society

Twitter: @UHSUbaking



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