Badger Way: Herts own YouTube Stars in the making

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YouTube is a magical place where hours of your life mysteriously disappear; it’s a place where you can learn things you never thought you wanted to know; it’s a place where talents are discovered, and a place where the weirdest, wackiest videos can make you into a star.

One group that has seized the powers of YouTube is Badger Way. Made up of University of Hertfordshire final year students, Badger Way are growing in popularity with their series of strange, yet relevant, comical music videos. With over 280 subscribers and almost 103k views on their channel, we thought it was time to talk to the masterminds behind the videos.

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Who are Badger Way?

Badger Way is made up of 3D Games Art student, Bear Winter-Perreau, and Visual Effects student Alex ‘Spanish Alex’ Baro Cayentano. The boys share a student house on Badger Way – hence the name – with other housemates, Dan Olabode and Leonardo Scazzocchio, who regularly appear in the videos. Whilst Bear and Spanish Alex generally think of the ideas, shoot and produce the videos, they wouldn’t be able to do it without the criticisms and help they get from Dan, Leonardo, and their growing fanbase and friends.

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How did it start?

Spanish Alex started producing his own videos on YouTube a few years ago and loved the process of making short comedic sketches. When Bear and himself started jamming every Friday night with friends, and with the odd random freestyle rap, the boys decided to start recording themselves. The first video on their channel shows their ‘La Bamba’ jam session, which generally sets the tone for what to expect in their other bonkers videos.

The inspiration

The boys’ big aim and main sources of inspiration are The Lonely Island and The Midnight Beast. Both bands have made a living out of making stupid yet hilariously observant music videos, and Badger Way are following in their footsteps.

“It’s a lot of hard work.” Bear said, “We’ve got so far to go in so many ways. You listen to The Lonely Island’s stuff and then watch ours and there’s a huge difference.”

Although there’s still a lot of work to be done, each video that the boys produce is improving in quality, both visually and in the audio. “It’s definitely a learning experience. A really fun learning experience.” Bear added.

The videos

Every time Badger Way post another video, you will find yourself clicking the link in anticipation for the next crazy idea they have put together. No matter what they produce, you will find yourself sitting there and thinking what the F*%k did I just watch? And that’s exactly what they want.

“You have to go in both directions. We have the weird and the normal-ish videos. If people like the weird ones, we will keep making them! And it’s always good to have a mix.” Said Bear.

With ten videos and counting, Badger Way are gaining momentum and making their videos relevant to the current trends. They even had a video on the front page of Reddit. Their most successful video, ‘Netflix and Chill’, has reached over 100,000 views and has been featured in Doug the Pug’s video, reaching out to it’s 2 million followers. Doug the Pug has even approached the boys of Badger Way to produce some more songs for his videos.

The boys work hard to make sure that videos come out on a more regular basis. The general process from idea to finished product can sometimes happen as quickly as a few days. “Over the summer we could get so much done, but now being back at uni we have assignments and work to worry about so we can’t give our all to every idea we think of,” explained Bear. They have started posting mini teasers to keep fans on their toes between videos.

The boys have also been setting themselves goals with the videos, and have so far hit every single one. “There’s a really decent success rate with the videos, and we love how polarising they are.” Bear added, “People that say ‘this is cool’ are no use to us; we need people who either love us or hate us and it’s starting to happen. We’re like Justin Bieber.”

Although the comments on the videos are all pretty positive, they have had a few haters. One in particular wrote, “This video gave me aids.”

The future

At the moment, the boys are doing what they love. “I’ve always admired people who do this sort of thing, so to finally do it is nice.” Bear said. Whilst himself and Spanish Alex still don’t know what will happen after university, they are both hoping to carry on with Badger Way. “I get so much enjoyment out of making these YouTube videos; I want to do something like this in life, whether it’s making music or writing comedy scripts.” Said Bear.

Spanish Alex also added, “We are making this because we have so much fun doing it and if it gets us somewhere: good! If not, I am sure we will keep doing it and when we get old we will look back at the videos – and our grandchildren will have the coolest grandpas ever.”

Ideally, they would want to grow to become the next Lonely Island and to even have their music on iTunes or Spotify.

But for now, Badger Way is doing extremely well. They have a lot of plans for the year ahead, including a possible collaboration with another comedy band, as well as a song that university students will definitely want to watch. Keep your eyes peeled and go and find the boys on Facebook, follow them on Instagram and of course SUBSCRIBE on YouTube. You won’t regret it!

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