Are sex bots the future?

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[Aaron Hurst | Contributing Writer]

Many have contributed theories about how technology is taking over human interaction, and if this recent technological development is anything to go by, it would seem that said theories could become valid soon enough.

A revolutionary project called “Realbotix” is set to make waves in the sex doll market by making available heads with artificial intelligence that can be attached to their already-existing range of sex dolls, with prices estimated to be around $10,000, or just over £7,000. The use of sex dolls as a method of masturbation isn’t new, as proven in some Mughal paintings from 16th-19th century India, in which sex dolls can be seen depicted and being used. Thankfully for those who enjoy using the life-sized models behind closed doors, not all are as expensive as those produced by RealDoll, albeit not always as authentic.


Now, bearing in mind that prices for the RealDolls themselves, without the AI heads, start from a cool $5,000, I personally can’t help but feel that the expenses needed to afford this kind of sex life can be a bit extortionate for what it is. The usage of sex dolls isn’t an issue in my opinion. After all, what people get up to in private is up to them. I just don’t see the point of paying an extra £7,000 for an authentic sex life. Would you pay that much to get it on with a sex worker? Chances are unless you have enough money for such a payment to be a mere drop in the ocean that is your bank balance, you wouldn’t find this to be a sensible investment.

Another point that I feel should be made in objection to sex bots is that, surely, a massive aspect of a successful sex life is communication. It’s very common for people to express their pleasure or, in less desirable circumstances, displeasure during sex to ensure that both partners have a positive experience. Sure, the artificial intelligence that will be implemented into the heads of the robots will enable them to make responsive movements, but until RealDoll find a way to implement some kind of speech mechanism, this is about as far as the communication aspect is likely to go, and thus those who choose to purchase and interact with one could be susceptible to a flawed experience.

Image: Pixabay

Image: Pixabay

There is no denying that this is an exciting progression in production within the sex toy industry. It will provide outlets for development within the porn industry, as well as areas of exploration for scientists. Furthermore, for those who aren’t sexually active or sexually confident, this will provide a far superior option when it comes to satisfying private desires, if they have enough money to afford a RealDoll, of course. But will these sex bots become the embodiment of the future of sex as we know it? We shall see.

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