Are robots taking over?

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[Anthony Ladipo | Contributing Writer]

What’s that coming over the hill? It’s a self-checkout machine with your change.

Studying? Nine o’clock lectures? Breathing? According to the scientists in 2016, we have our priorities twisted! Man the defences, and hire an IT specialist; a robotic rebellion is on the horizon.

Far from a retro blockbuster apocalypse, robots have advanced exponentially, from humble beginnings of academic aid and Christmas gifts to taking a hammer to our shopping, entertainment and banking traditions. In one shape or another, Robots have suddenly appeared everywhere and in everything,  even Houdini couldn’t escape. The news is that just like the modern-day onesies, technology is being used in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Cash Point

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Moshe Vardi, Professor of Computer Science at Rice University, seemed to do a good job of empathetically quelling the boiling hysteria, arguing that “society needs to confront this question before it is upon us”. Assuming the miraculous transition of robots – currently clever enough to make half-decent cups of tea in unison – into sci-fi super beings, Vardi emphasised: “what will humans do?” Are we going to be victims of a ruthless onslaught by a cunning robot species? Doubt it. If I remember correctly, Will Smith nipped that little “saving humanity from evil robots” episode in the bud. Phew. Ticked off our to-do list.

Despite this, according to 2,000 experts surveyed by the Pew Centre, trends in the transportation and manufacturing industries prove more people will end up losing their jobs than holding them by 2025. Extremely efficient and less skive-prone, our electronic counterparts seem to have their whole futures ahead of them.


Image: Unsplash – Jeff Martin

With a few drops of logic absent from the equation, the reality of the situation has certainly spiralled out of control. Most of us see the value in technology; a fact that cannot be disputed easily, with videos of driverless cars and robotic canine’s trialled for warfare going viral. It is safe to say that the future we will share with robots with be free of chaos, as those in power have always had the best interest of humanity at heart, right?  

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