“Ant Infestation” at Telford Court

Emily Stevens, final year student in Psychology at UH recently reported an issue regarding the cleanliness of her flat in Telford Court shortly after moving in at the beginning of the academic year.

Stevens describes the state of the flat she was greeted with:

“The floor was dirty, the fridge wasn’t clean; there was still food in there. I picked up a carton of orange juice and it was so mouldy that it started to eat through the carton.” She also revealed that the flat has “an ant infestation.”

Stevens later gave a more complete list of the issues with her flat: “My housemate, Ryan, in his room when you turn the tap on ants come out of it; we also have the ant infestation in the kitchen which can be quite bad… the microwave has been washed so much that all the labels came off so we don’t know how to use the microwave; the oven, inside and outside, was filthy… the fridge had food left in it… and the shelves had not been cleaned in it; food had been left behind in the cupboards as well as pots and pans in the kitchen… the phone is really sticky; the floor had not been cleaned at all so that’s filthy; …our letterbox is broken… that’s been fixed; we’ve got a broken drawer… that’s been fixed.”


Image: Emily Stevens

When asked if she thinks the maintenance team were being proactive enough, Stevens said: “Personally I don’t think so because I’ve gone down [to The Oval]… at least two or three times [and] other residents, who I’m living with, have gone down at least once or twice.” She felt like, “nothing’s been done to sort it out.”

Stevens went on to reveal her feelings regarding the condition of her flat stating:

“It isn’t on to be honest. We should move into a clean area, it’s our responsibility when we make it dirty throughout the year to clean it obviously, but I shouldn’t have to move into somewhere and pay £115 a week for somewhere that is filthy and there is stuff left behind because now it’s up to us to do all the cleaning.”

Image: Emily Stevens

UniVerse also spoke to one of Emily’s flatmates, Craig Patterson, a first year Film and Television Production student. He comments: “[The flat’s] in one hell of a state really. e’ve got an ant infestation, the kitchen was a mess when we moved in, some of my flatmates have ants coming out their sinks.”

When asked what he thought caused the “infestation”, Patterson said: “The kitchen wasn’t cleaned when we moved in so it could attract the ants [to] all the food that was left.”

Patterson said he hadn’t personally reported the issue but his flatmates had.

When UniVerse approached The Oval they revealed that they had no record of the issues with the flat. However, during our visit they did log the the issue on the computer.

UniVerse made an attempt to speak with the Soft Services Manager at The Oval but he said that he was unable to comment.

For now, Emily and her flatmates will have to wait until their problems are resolved.

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