AMERICAN FOOTBALL: We’re off to the National Finals!

By Amy Holloway-Smith.


@ Loughborough University Stadium

31 March 2019 @ 16:00pm


After a three-year hiatus, Hertfordshire Hurricanes are back at the National Finals. A spectacle that you won’t want to miss!

The final is set to be an absolute delight with food and drink stalls, on and off-pitch entertainment alongside an indoor exhibition area where revellers can purchase merch and memorabilia. The event organisers are set to go all out for this event with additional stands put in place alongside huge LED screens to show replays and highlights. With the aim of infusing a real sporty celebratory atmosphere, this event should certainly outshine previous finals, doing Britball proud!


Herts Canes have fought endlessly throughout the season and have taken all that has been thrown at them. In December Herts took on their biggest rivals, the University of Birmingham. They took Brum by surprise with an enormous 35-0 home win.

Complications arose when the University of Portsmouth cancelled their game with us on their ‘soil’. After losing all 7 of their games throughout the season it is no wonder why they didn’t want to lose their 8th, but the lack of sportsmanship really set Herts back, denying them the opportunity to gain their final win of the season.


I won’t go into explaining the seedings for playoffs. What you need to know is that 1stplace in one grouping (Notts) would play 4thplace in the other group (Herts). Essentially, the best playing the ‘worst’.

The BUCS office poll predicted a whitewash in favour of Notts and the Pick’em Poll ratified this with a 97% result, again in favour of Notts.

Herts played a smashing game against the favourites to win, Notts. Despite the odds appearing to not be in our favour, Herts ploughed on through and won the game. With a close final score, Herts took on a surprising victory and found themselves signed up to at least one more game!

Off to the semi-finals they went!

Notts v Herts Final Score [Credit: Hertfordshire Hurricanes Twitter]


We’re off to the semi-finals [Credit: Hertfordshire Hurricanes Twitter]

Just one month after our snow-related rescheduled game with Swansea, we were now ready to come head-to-head with the Titans again. This time in the playoffs! With a strong home win against the Titans in February, the lads were more than ready to kick up a storm and spray ‘purple reign’ all over them once more.

Herts absolutely nailed it with a 27 point lead up until the near end of the game, where the Titans came through with multiple touchdowns. Again, defying all odds, Herts held onto their win with the final score of 27-22 to Herts sending us all the way to the finals!


Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, it’s off to the finals we go!

With victory looming in plain sight, the lads will surely be pleased to finally peel off their shoulder pads and shake off their gurdles after this one. Herts have certainly had a long stint this season, but with amazing results.

The lads after each game they weren’t expecting to win [Credit: Hertfordshire Hurricanes Twitter]

So, what to expect? Unfortunately, the official polls are not out yet. Looking at previous games from the season we can certainly hope that Leeds don’t throw a 50 burger out there again. Herts appear to be on top form right now. With some astonishing wins on their back, we hope for another game full of passion and working harmoniously together to win the final!

Finals here we come! [Credit: Hertfordshire Hurricanes Twitter]

We do know that this event is going to be a brilliant one, so why not grab a group of friends and enjoy a nice Sunday off campus! Grab some snacks and carpool up to Loughborough Uni Stadium to cheer on the Hertfordshire Hurricanes. Rumour has it there is an outdoor bar too (don’t forget a lemonade for the designated driver). Postcode LE11 3QF

With Herts set to be in purple, chuck on your AU/HertSquad hoodie (or anything purple, if you like) and join the team and fans for a spectacular finale to the season.

If you can’t join them in person, do give the game a watch and post on social media to show your support!

Streams can be found on:

BUCS YouTube here >>>

Or from their Facebook page here >>>



We will see you there!


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