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[Mercedes Brazier | Sports Editor]

If you are looking for a workout to burn those abs and get the definition that we all like, this Active Students Session is for you!

Absolution normally consists of 12-20 people, lined up with their mats in the Sports Village Hall, ready to burn away the huge lunch they just consumed. I went along to this session thinking that the abdominal workouts that I do in the gym would have set some ground work for the session I was about to do. I was mistaken. It hurt; but in a good way, the way that you are proud of yourself for sticking to it and getting through the full 30 minutes.

We started with a whole body warm up in order to get our heart rate up, so our bodies were in the fat burning zone, the general star-jumps, high-knees, squats – you know the drill! After the squat jumps I think we were all ready to get started on our abs, which meant laying nice and flat on the floor!

We performed a circuit of exercises that worked our abdominals and obliques using just a mat, a weight (which varied depending on how much you wanted to push yourself), and a bar. ‘I’ve never thought of using a bar with no weights to control my upper torso when completing standing twists’ stated Imogen Wallis, a final year Marketing and Advertising Student, ‘I come to a lot of Active Student Sessions, but I have really felt the burn in this class!’ The exercises we completed can easily be incorporated into your daily routine, when you wake up in the morning, or just before bed, you have more than enough time to fit a circuit or two in, however I would suggest participating in the class, to correct your technique, before going at it alone!

This instructor teaches you what exercise is best to work certain areas of your abs, and is there to correct your technique and help you fix those problem areas. It was pointed out to us that worked your abs, your core, isn’t only about weight management but has a range of benefits for your overall health. Sara Malone for states that: “These muscles are important to your body’s health, as they assist with everything from breathing and walking to supporting proper posture and alignment of your spine. Without healthy abdominal muscles supporting your posture, your body cannot function properly.”

For more information on Active Student Activities visit their website:, and if you do participate in any classes tweet us and tell us how you found them @TridentMediaUK!

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