All about 2019 SU elections.

By Anira Barai.

“I’ve already voted” that’s the phrase I am using while walking in the forum or de Havilland and the hallways that’s where you know it’s time for the Students’ Union Elections!

The SU is nothing without a representative body, it’s in our hands to choose that body, and decide what or who is going to be no president like last year ora full team of 4 to make some positive changes?

Now that the SU Election nominations have passed, voting is now open and will continue to be until this Friday 15th, March at 2 pm, with the election results announced at 6 pm that same day.

If successful, the elected officers will form the next Students’ Union in early June this year, roles integral for making major legal and financial issues that strive to make the University of Hertfordshire’s student’s voices heard — it’s important, then, that you have your say on who should win by voting and support your desired candidate(s).

After talking to almost every candidate it seems like it is  do or die for them to win this election, all the candidates are passionate and dedicated towards make some changes so please do vote and allow them to. Make the difference that we want.

One thing I observe was to all candidates are keen to improve mental health facility with the help of the SU which seems very promising and something to look forward to…


There are five full-time elected officer positions, each of which with their own unique role in the Students’ Union.


The President leads the other officers and is the main representative of students at the University of Hertfordshire and the community surrounding it. The President will meet with senior University management and community leaders and will function as the lead officer in democratic and governance structures within the university. Their position also lets them meet, as well lobby, the University’s Chancellor, local Welwyn Hatfield MPs and other prominent figures in the University.

Shaksham Sharma Manifesto

Sarmad Bukhari Manifesto


Cameroun Harvey Manifesto

Lovelet The First. Manifesto


Madhav Reddy Ramasani Manifesto

Rida Shafqat Manifesto


To ensure students experience the best academic life possible, the VP Education will work with Student Reps to develop and improve education services at UH. Students’ employability, the achievement of their degree and their feedback are vital components in a successful University, so this officer will work to maximise these integral elements.


Vinayagi Balakrishnan Manifesto


Sree Manifesto

Asif Noorani Manifesto

Eswar Potturu Manifesto

Shahrukh Shah Manifesto



This officer oversees opportunities available to students that will provide them with a source of leisure outside of their degree like sports, societies and volunteering opportunities. They will be in charge of recreational and development activities like societies, volunteering and RaG; the Raise and Give events that raise funds for charities. They will also act as the lead officer in the development of sport and social activities on campus and otherwise act as a champion of all student groups and extra-curricular activities going on at the University.

Venkata Narayana Chintala.    Manifesto

SIMSON CORREYA            Manifesto

Alexander King Manifesto

Najee Mundicha Manifesto

Muhammad Sajid Manifesto



Sonal Manifesto

Vice President Community