Albumalysis: Queen- Rewriting Rock.

By Ricky Reader.

You know them; I know them, they are Queen and they will remain one of the greatest bands that shook the music world. Take any album from Queen and you will not be disappointed, not only do they appeal to the everyday rock fan. Their music shouts out to those who don’t usually have a voice.

Just like their stage presence and their extremely flamboyant lead singer Freddie Mercury. Queen’s music poured theatrically vivacious tones that would bring the passion of thunder and lightning to its audience. Although a lot of the limelight went to Freddie when it came to the face and voice of Queen, especially when touring. Without guitarists such as Brian May and John Deacon and an equally important drummer, Roger Taylor, Queen wouldn’t have delivered head turners such as We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions, Bohemian Rhapsody, Another One Bites The Dust and many more.  Let us not forget however that May, Deacon and Taylor did more than just play instruments; they pitched together to give the backing singing and add to the “operatic section”. This of course was for Queens hit song Bohemian Rhapsody.

Bohemian Rhapsody was controversial and pushed the boundaries and red lines of rock. But today we never regret it. The song was thought too long and weird for radio by many music moguls and stars, they regarded this song in a bad light until the help of a UK DJ. A Mr. Kenney Everett on Capital Radio 1975. From then on it soared like the stars themselves.

Brian May later in 1977 gifted us with audience participation within arguably the greatest rock song ever made. We Will Rock You. The song itself was based on the lullaby title, the pun intended. When heard this song drove everyone crazy forever setting in stone the stamp stamp clap action that accompanied Mays’ song.

But Rock songs were not the only focus of Queen’s music. For there were many Romance songs within their successful careers such as Somebody to Love, Love of My Life and Crazy Little Thing Called Love. All showing a completely different side to Freddie and friends. Their love songs showed the sensitivity and passion that Queen delivered when performing, recording and producing and this was instinctively felt by their fans.

Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0, KPFC

Queen not only defined the new age operatic romance rock but by the 80’s they had the world in their palms. They had the world so firmly within their hands that when it came to Live Aid in 1985 they changed the amounts of donations received. Live Aid started off a very slow money raiser, that had Bob Geldof pleading the public for donations. However, as soon as Queen started to perform donations skyrocketed.

If I had to pick an album by Queen, I would have to cheat and choose a three-CD box set of their greatest hits because one album is not enough to hold a band with the magnitude of Queen. This album not only shows their hardcore boundary-breaking rock side, but it also shows their softer sensitive side of their romance songs as well as throwing in a few pop style songs, such as Radio Ga Ga, Don’t Stop Me Now and I Want to Break Free. What album of theirs would you choose, or would you cheat like me?

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