Album Review: Hacktivist – Outside the Box

[Danielle Smith | Contributing Writer]

The phenomenal Milton Keynes Rap/Nu-Metal band, Hacktivist, have finally released their new album Outside the Box, after a hectic year of performing at festivals. The album was released on 4th March 2016, after some thought-out sneaky tricks. Since the 2013 self-titled EP, the band have been trying to build their fan base, to much success. They now have 10,706 followers on Spotify and 20,706 subscribers on YouTube.

Even though Outside the Box has been marketed as a “new” album, it has carried a few songs over from their past offerings: False Idols and Deceive and Defy from 2014. Although it may not be completely new material, some of their older songs really en

For a new band, the music industry is very competitive as you need that special spark in order to stand out. The genre that Hacktivist stand in is very interesting. They are standing by the side of the likes of Enter Shikari who have a similar sound (although Enter Shikari seem to be toning down from  their older days). This has had a great effect on Hacktivist, as it has them given them an open door to enter the music industry.

Hacktivist’s new album can be seen as exhausting at times, but so far, it is their best yet. It completely differs from their first album with softer vocals and a few softer tracks included. Is this Hacktivist’s main goal? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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