Affordable Abroad: Stockholm

By Danielle Smith

What are the few things that pop into your mind when someone mentions the country Sweden? Most people would say the pop group ABBA, meatballs or even the furniture store IKEA. Whilst you may be able to see most of these things in Sweden, you can also see the capital city of Stockholm, full or history, culture and rollercoasters.

Stockholm is famous for its beautiful scenery, its vast array of museums and its wonderful food all of which can be found at ‘Skansen’, an open-air Swedish history museum with an attaching zoo. Skansen is Sweden’s first open-air museum, which opened in 1891 to originally show the different ways of life in different parts of Sweden before the industrial era. This interactive site is fun for all ages who wish to find out more about the previous lives of Swedish people all at the cheap price of £8.90 per student! At such a cheap price you can easily spend most of the day here as the site includes an interactive village outside the museum, functioning railways on site, aquarium, children’s zoo and museum shop. At the end of the tour around the site, you can stop off in one of the 16 food stops along the way, each with different possibilities such as ‘fika’ a traditional Swedish smorgasbord.

Udo Schroter, Flickr

Fancy being a King or Queen for the day, or at least walk in their footsteps? Drottningholm Palace is one of Sweden’s Royal Palaces built on the island of Lovon and is one of the homes of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. This 16thcentury palace is built among the most striking gardens and park areas, which are the main attraction for tourists. Since it being first built in 1500’s, the selection of gardens have changed through time resulting in different styles around the palace. As well as amazing rounds the palace also holds its own 18thcentury theatre, which is the only one on the world to use the original stage machinery on a regular basis. The theatre is only open during the summer months with the occasional royal family member watching the performances. If you can’t wait until summertime to visit this amazing city then why not visit during the winter months close to Christmas, as the Palace holds its own Christmas fair at the Royal Stables and the Christmas market in the centre of the grounds.

So you have done all the site seeing and now want to add some adventure into your holiday… then Grona Lund is a must visit. This amusement park is in the centre Djurdarden Island and contains some of the most thrill seeking rides that you would not forget. From the big loop the loop rollercoasters to 80m vertical drop fall, this place is not for the faint-hearted. If big drop rides are not the one for you then this place has more to offer. During the summer months, it hosts stage to some of the biggest names in the music industry. People such as Macklemore, Tove Lo and Prophets of Rage are just some of the musical talent that comes to the attraction park to perform their hit songs for all the family. This city sounds that great that I might just go ahead and book it now…

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