Affordable Abroad: Prague

By Danielle Smith.

So summer is officially over and university life starts back with getting your heads stuck into them reading lists and a bumble of assignments just thrown at you. Well, it is not all doom and gloom as the best season is yet to come for travelling…Christmas! Well you may be thinking ‘it is only October, surely Halloween comes first?’ But by booking now you can scrimp up the best destinations for half the price.

Living on a student budget is something that is to be practised, from budgeting for food, university books and them all important weekend breaks. Now, I’m not saying eat pot noodles for the entire semester just to earn that all-important trip to Ibiza, you can eat normally but think of countries which are ‘student friendly’. If you are into finding out new cultures and plenty of walking tours then Prague is right up your street. From looking around the old town to practising your etiquette in Prague Castle, this city is one full of many attractions and some are even for free. If you are at one with your music then one of the most famous and FREE places to visit is John Lennon’s Wall. The history behind the wall was mainly citizens protesting about the communist takeover post-1948 and was later referred to as the ‘Crying Wall’ in the 1960’s. The death of John Lennon in the 1980’s was a shock to all and the ‘crying wall’ was deemed the best place to be and some called it ‘the victim of its own success’. So whether you are John Lennon’s biggest fan or would just prefer an Instagram worthy picture this is one of the great places to visit in Prague.

One of the most popular places to visit during the Christmas period is the Old Town Square. The square holds one of the most magical and eye-opening Christmas markets you would ever see, running from December 1stuntil January 6th(giving you plenty of time to visit during the university break). Being the largest Christmas market in the country, Old Town Square holds market stalls full of presents for your friends, family, or just a cheeky one for yourself, along with concerts that run every day throughout the day. To then unwind after that busy day of shopping you can relax with a fresh mulled wine, whilst taking in the breathtaking views of the Christmas tree from the top of the Farris Wheel.

Spending our own money is not something that many people really enjoy doing, so why not become an early bird and take a free walking tour. These tours last approximately three hours, starting at 10.45am and 2 pm from Old Town Square Tourism Office. From these tours you will gain some more in-depth insider knowledge of the city with back routes to different cafes, exploring the magnificent architecture, all whilst walking down the winding streets of Prague. After a long day exploring the ins and outs of the city, why not relax with a homemade dessert from Da Tarquino. From fresh pastries with homemade jam in the middle to mint chocolate chip ice-cream (with a flake on top of course), this is the perfect place to end an exhausting but an amazing trip to the city of Prague.

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