Affordable Abroad: Paris

By Danielle Smith

Usually when someone says we are going on holiday to Paris usually people think of the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame de Paris and Disneyland Paris. Well, have you ever wanted to explore to the more unusual side to the city?

Since the release of the film ‘As Above So Below’ one major ‘dark’ attraction which has gained more attention is the Catacombes de Paris. This is basically a big massive burial site but under the roads of Paris which contains the bones of former citizens of Paris. But this is not just any burial site, it is 200 miles long consisting of tunnels upon tunnel, some which are not even open to the public. It is known that this site is to be haunted by the ghosts of the people buried here which is one reason why some secret societies, thieves and artists try to gain access to the ‘DO NOT ENTER’ zones. As well as an undercity mass grave there are also museums dedicated to the dead such as the ‘Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures’. This place holds a marvel collection on research and findings to do with vampirism, esoterism and occidental folklore. Now even if you don’t believe that there have ever been such things, it is still a must see place with vampire traps. Vampire killing kits along with the storytelling of Vlad Tepes (otherwise known as the real Dracula).

Credit: Airflore, Flickr

Now if you are still wanting to find out about some more history whilst in Paris but have had enough of the dead then the ‘House of Nicolas Flamel’ is the site for you. Nicholas Flamel was a famous alchemist who many people believe found great wealth through his discovery of the Philosophy Stone (Yes that part in Harry Potter was true). The house itself was built by Flamel himself in 1407 before he died, and the house has now turned into a restaurant called ‘Auberge Nicolas Flamel’.

Even though there are some weird and wonderful places to visit whilst in Paris, of course, you cannot leave the city without visiting the Eiffel Tower, although it does have a twist to it. Once you have paid for your ticket at the bottom of the tower you then have the choice to either wait for a lift to the top or you can walk up from the middle to the top. The views from the tower are romantic, scenic and will blow you away, but on the 3rdlevel of the tower is a secret apartment! When the tower opened in 1889 the designer revealed that he built himself a small apartment. Although it is not large in size it is cosy and intimate and after his reveal of this space, the elite wanted to rent it out to show their wealth. It is now off-limits to the general public to rent out although you can have a look inside the apartment through the windows. So what are you waiting for? Book that city break and see what you can discover!

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