Affordable Abroad: Egypt

By Danielle Smith.

Egypt…the mythical wonderland full of camels, sand, strange food and the Great Pyramids of Giza. Yes, you may find those things in Egypt but there is much more there than get those things. Most people have a perception that Egypt is an expensive place to go to as it is near the continent of Africa but, it is as cheap as catching a flight to Spain – who wouldn’t give that a miss.

Now as lovely as the capital city of Cairo is, it is really only good for one thing… The Great Pyramids of Giza. Built around 2560 BCE, the pyramids hold an array of history from the inside and out. One thing that you would automatically notice is the placement of the pyramids; they are right on top of the city centre itself. As the city evolved and changed with the times the city was built up around the pyramids itself. Once you reach the pyramids a camel ride is offered to you straight away for you to have that typical tourist shot of yourself on a camel in front of pyramids that just screams ‘I am in Egypt!’. Even though you cannot enter the main three pyramids themselves, you are able to enter one of the pyramids that belong to one of the queens… although if you are a little claustrophobic I would suggest staying outside and taking pictures.

Going from one city to the next is cheap in Egypt if you travel during the day. The next amazing city which is a must visit is Sharm El Sheikh, which is full of amazing fresh seafood, beautiful scenery and amazing snorkelling trips. If you would class yourself as a water baby, then this is the city for you. Two of the most recommend places to take a day trip of snorkelling are ‘Ras Mohamed Red Sea’ an ‘Tiran Island’. Although these places are not as preserved as they used to be 50 years ago, these parts are full of bright coral, different arrays of fish and you might even get to see a sea turtle if you dive down far enough. If you think you are amazing swimmer and know all about the sea life I would still recommend that you go as part of a group. They do start early morning, but you are able to go to different diving spots around the different bays, they normally provide lunch including fresh seafood and Egyptian cuisines, and they know just what will bring the fish, or sharks in some cases, to you.

Credit: Dachalan; Flickr

If you really want to try and connect with the outdoors and experience something Egyptian, then one trip which lasts for most of the day and night is called ‘5 in 1’. This trip consists of five different types of excursions all in one day including; quad biking, camel riding, star gazing, evening show and dinner evening. These tours pick you up from your hotel and drop you back in the evening, so you do not have to worry about transportation. This full day in the Sinai desert will enable you to see the natural wildlife and you will get to visit the Bedouin tents which are where the local Bedouin people (here the local people provide you with dinner, so a tip is expected).

Why not start to learn the local lingo or even to try some of the Hibiscus tea in your own home before you start your amazing trip to Egypt.

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