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Affordable Abroad: Amsterdam

By Danielle Smith

So now we are settling into the winter months, all everyone thinks about is relaxing, hot chocolate and trying to stay as warm as possible, but why not still have this but in the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam?

Now everyone knows that it is a city famous for its ‘coffee’, which some people have, but there are other sites of Amsterdam which are fascinating, enjoyable and breathtaking. One of the most infamous places to visit whilst in Amsterdam is the Anne Frank House, situated in the Heart of the city. The house is open to the public most days and explores the life of the wartime diarist who was famous for herself and her Jewish family being hidden in the attic of a house during World War Two to escape from the Nazi’s. With only an entrance fee of €10, this historical site is one that is not to be missed.

One place to visit for all the family is the Heineken Experience. This is an interactive tour, taking you through the history of the well-known Dutch beer company, Heineken. This attraction is a transformed tour, which was originally the former brewing house of the beer. The experience takes you through how the beer is made (including a tasting of the ingredients used), the evolution of the branding of the beer, and how the beer used to be transported from brewing house to pub. Now even if you are not completely a history buff, at the end of the tour you have the chance to take some funny and memorable pictures in front of the Heineken bottle wall and have the chance to taste some fresh Heineken beer itself.

Walking around outside you will notice that the city is full of little winding streets, flowers and markets on every turn. This is because the upkeep of Amsterdam is something that is precious, as this seems to be what attract the tourists. Even though the museums and attraction parks are amazing and definitely not ones to be missed, why not have lunch in Vondelpark, in the Centre of the city. During any time of the year, this park is bursting with people who come to take in the breathtaking views of what the city is really like, and to take that all important photo in front of the ‘I Amsterdam’ sign for Instagram. This park used to contain an entrance fee due to the upkeep of it, but due to expensive upkeep, it was donated to Amsterdam Municipality, where it is now FREE for all to use to relax and have that all important ‘coffee’.

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