Active Students’ UV party is a success

[Aimone Sharif | Sports Manager]

The University of Hertfordshire launched its first UV party through Active Students last year and received an amazing attendance of around 200 students. So this year, Active Students decided to organise another one with the help of a larger team and versatile ideas in hope to reach last year’s attendance. So on the 14th of November, Hertfordshire Sports Village filled up with students that were ready to try something new and different at no cost at all!

Table tennis, short tennis, frisbee and badminton were part of this year’s line-up with an introduction to glow-in-the dark volleyball due to the expertise of our own Activator and Higher Education Volleyball Officer (HEVO), Mateusz Plaza.

The event started at 6.30pm but organisation and preparation started at 4:00pm with the transformation of equipment and courts to enable them to glow in the dark. Hard work was poured in to guarantee the best experience for newcomers and returning students.

Café Study was sectioned off as a face painting stand was put up with glow-in-the-dark paint, chalks and glow sticks for participants. The enthusiasm shown for the face paint came to our surprise as students came back for second or third makeovers!

Once the night was underway, around 150 students turned up within the first hour. Volleyball seemed to be a strong choice, as the traditional 6-a-side game became more of a 14-a-side social match, with even more volleyball fans hitting a ball around right next to the court. Badminton offered similar results with six people on a court at any one time, and even more students playing in-between the courts. Overseeing the badminton was Active Students’ very own Sport Specific Activator (HESSA), who was making sure everyone was enjoying themselves and getting the best experience.

Halfway through the night, short tennis and table tennis were taken down to give a bigger platform to to the previous year’s highlight: ultimate frisbee. As always, the AU Ultimate Frisbee Team were on hand to help out with the event, and to help students who had never played frisbee before by teaching them how to play the sport. The turnout for ultimate frisbee out-shined last year’s game by smashing the expected numbers.

Overall, it was a very successful event with over 300 students in attendance. Active Students would like to personally thank Hertfordshire Sports Village for the helping hand in the organisation and the promotion of the event.

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Images: Luke Trevill

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