A trip down memory lane at the Vintage Fair

[Melissa Nadarajan | Contributing Writer]

On Thursday 23rd October, a touch of retro was brought to UH when the Vintage Fair came to The Forum. This gave students the opportunity to do a spot of shopping on their lunch break, with some even bagging a few last minute Halloween costume essentials.

From floral dresses as cute as a button, to torn denim biker jackets, racked alongside 1960s style beige corduroy jackets and the screaming 80s cliché that is the polyester shell suit, the fair made for an interesting trip through the decades.

Run by partners David Minter & Lorna Pepperrell, the Vintage Fair touts itself as “a unique vintage fair purely dedicated to the student market.” The team have been providing a free to enter ‘pop-up’ vintage event at universities up and down the country, where they have pitched their wares at over 20 Freshers’ Fairs this semester alone. They are looking to set up shop at another 13 events before December.

“It’s definitely worth all the travelling,” says Minter, “We’ve done about 20 Fairs through Freshers, from down in Plymouth and Exeter and right up to Huddersfield next week. It’s been really good and the students really seem to like it.”

After selling vintage clothes for over eight years, Minter and Pepperrell started running the Vintage Fair a year and a half ago.

“We mostly specialise in the 80’s look, a little bit of 70s and 90s on top of that,” Minter explained, “We try to follow the trends that are on the high street, in shops like Topshop and Urban Outfitters. We’re kind of like the original alternative to what they’re selling really, it’s cheap and the students seem to like it.”

Amongst the embroidered granny satchels and cut off denim hot pants, the faux fur coats and plastic dinosaur  toy necklaces, there was a distinct lack of what usually characterises a more traditional vintage fair, such as clothing from earlier, more classical eras.

“We’ve had people who brought that kind of stuff before, the classic 20’s and 30’s, 40s vintage” explains Minter, “But they didn’t really do all that well. This event is tailored for the youth market.”

Perusing to the hoppy, new romantic tunes of The Cure’s ‘The Love Cats’ and Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart,’ student shoppers were definitely not deterred from spending their loans.

“We can’t walk past a vintage shop without stopping and buying something!” said self-professed lovers of vintage styles, Molly Greene and Molly Jeanne.

“I was surprised to see something like this here,” Isoa Tupua said while trying on different shirts and jackets, “I usually go to places like the Portobello Road Market.”

If nothing else the Vintage Fair was a trip down memory lane. It’s bizarre to think that the odd fashion decisions of our 1990s childhoods are once again popular, but the boxes of scrunchies, and bindis definitely made me nostalgic.

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