A Special Evening with Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone

By Aiden Perrins – Editor

On Friday 21st October Trident Media were granted the amazing opportunity of attending A Special Evening with Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone at St Albans Cathedral.

Argent and Blunstone, who are originally from St Albans, rose to fame in the 1960s with their band The Zombies, who last year released a new album, the aptly named ‘Still Got That Hunger’.

Their show at the cathedral began with an intro played by Argent on the cathedral organ, and then a rapturous applause from the crowd when they appeared on stage.

The guys played a mixture of old classics and their new stuff which proved beyond any doubt they’ve still got what it takes. The immortal talent of the two of them and their commanding presence on stage was a wonder to watch.

It was clear to see how much Argent and Blunstone enjoyed being on this stage in their home of St Albans, and that joy only improved the atmosphere and reflected back to the crowd. The audience lapped up every second of performance from these two sons of St Albans which culminated in a standing ovation just before, and then also after, their encore song.

Rod Argent’s 100 year old mom was part of the audience, and he gave a lovely tribute to the woman who has helped and been behind him for every step of his career. Also in attendance were members of the original line up of The Zombies who were there to support not just their colleagues, but their good friends.

The real showstopper though has to be when they played their 1964 hit ‘She’s Not There’. It was their debut single and remains one of their most recognisable to this day.

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